A Town Called Nowhere

A letter to the outside

A Town Called Nowhere

A town

Beyond the borders

Called Nowhere

Diminished by its own people

Everyone running amuck

Feeding into their own tempted hands

Ghost Town is what it shall soon be called

Happiness driven out

Ironic how quickly the town faded away

Just another small blot on the map of time

Killed off by their own hands, own guilts

Lonely am I among these streets

My arms aching from this ever reaching strain

No one in the town of Nowhere

Oh, how lonesome I’ve become.

Parking lots of empty dreams

Questioning myself: “did any come true?”

Ridden of Hope

Streets of Misery

Towers of Years forgotten

Under this baking sun, the storms are too far

Violating the ever sweet embrace of the Rain

Why am I still here? I wonder aloud

X’ed out my good years

Your fool,

Zero the Forgotten Man

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Life's Perceptual Poetry
Life's Perceptual Poetry
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