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A Thousand Sunsets

(a thousand silent storms)

By Brenton FPublished 2 months ago β€’ 1 min read

i've witnessed thousands of sunsets

in my time on this silly globe

each as majestic as the first one i can remember

and every single one of them as beautiful as the last

mother nature has seen fit to bless me

with sights of magnificence to behold

i've seen a thousand shades

her evening reds, vermilions, burgundies and rose

her cold greys

her callous blues as well

as each evening draws to a close

she tries to outdo herself every time

from a deep barn red to a soft grey pink

as far as the eye can see

using the trees like a feather boa

she switches and changes, dazzle’s and razzle’s

her lush lines lengthen in the waning light

she splashes above an usher to many nights

she slowly secedes her dazzling show

and yields by degrees to an eye watering visage

the slow teasing of dusk behind

an incremental gradient of the soft evening hues

this is her way of the ending day

and in doing so ever so slowly reveals

a tapestry

a million winking stars above

upon a field of blackening sky

bold pale bare and cold

as cold as the space between us

as old as the face we see in us

from horizon to horizon

my vision my reality

my gaze my awe

eternity to eternity in the blink of an eye

an echo a heartbeat

and in this promise of perpetuity

another tomorrow is but a dawn away

surreal poetrynature poetry

About the Creator

Brenton F

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts and the thought has found words - Robert Frost

A. Old enough to know better and young enough to do it again

S. M

L. Eastern Melbourne, Australia

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  • Kelli Sheckler-Amsden2 months ago


  • Nice piece πŸ’œ

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