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A thought,

a moment

By Rachel M.JPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
A thought,
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If I asked you to love a woman

who is made of nothing physical

would you know how to hold her?

Could you work your hands

around her words

and say with truth

that you understand what you're holding?

A yarn can be so much more beautiful

than a body, if you know how to listen

how to wrap your lips

around a thought

that's only half-formed

and lend your tongue to an idea;

taste it; let it fizzle on your breath.

A silver tongue is worth more than gold

and with it, we weave a myriad of pictures

I paint mirages; heady, hazy

and the heat waves capture

glittering thoughts.

A thought is more enticing

than the letters that a tongue traces.

If you're going to spell something for me

spell me your past.

Let it seep out

in the way you sing your songs

in the stories that you tell to strangers

and in how long it takes you

to tell me you love me.

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About the Creator

Rachel M.J

Magical realist

I like to write about things behaving how they shouldn't ~

Instagram: Rachel M.J

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  • Penny Fuller2 years ago

    This is my favorite line: "A thought is more enticing than the letters that a tongue traces." - This piece evokes that time of promise before feelings are shared- it's such an incredible time. The narrator has a surprising confidence in the feelings being reciprocated, so this feels like a memory of this time instead of that moment where you're hopeful, joyful and insecure all at the same time (or maybe they're just way more confident than I am in those situations). Great work.

  • Call Me Les2 years ago

    Very sweet. Liked this a lot. Sorry I don't have great poem feedback things to say. Just will say that I enjoyed it <3

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