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and sun spots

By Rachel M.JPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read
Photo by Liza Rusalskaya on Unsplash

She spent the early morning dripping sunlight

onto café doors

Colouring wafts of fresh croissants in shades of peach

and apricot

She woke the earthworms with a tickle

on their bellies

and gave perk to the dewed-daisy stalks

peeking through stones.

A heavy-footed businessman trods one underfoot

It springs back

at the rise of his boot

and no one hears the tinkle of the sun's laughter

as the man stops

by a nearby water-feature

and reaches out a hand

A rainbow appears - glistening - in the spray

and he runs a finger across the ark,

marking the first silent pleasure of the morning.

A bright-eyed woman in a long black-coat stops

to pat a cat

bathing in a sun spot

She carries coffee in one hand

and strokes its fur with the other.

"Hello," she says

It responds

by nestling its nose into her pocket

She lets out a laugh, warm like bubble-bath

and takes an impish glance between waking patrons

She digs into her pocket and procures an offering;

a buttered croissant

"Just this once"

she lies

and it’s the first spoken pleasure

of the morning.

When the woman finds herself at a crowded bar

she orders her usual

and then changes her mind

"A tall glass of wine;"

it suits her character tonight

She spy's the moon's reflection in the bulbous surface

and traces a finger ‘round his pulsing body.

A man at the bar tells a table of listeners

that he'd caught a rainbow

earlier that morning.

"Bullshit," they say

But he laughs like a symphony

and the sound resides

in his whiskey glass

where he spies the eyes

of a curious watcher

drawing circles

in her wine.

Their eyes meet

murky in the liquor

like a moonlight mirage

across melted sand turned glass

and they share a chuckle

like a rolling dune

and it marks the first of many

mutual pleasures.

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About the Creator

Rachel M.J

Magical realist

I like to write about things behaving how they shouldn't ~

Instagram: Rachel M.J

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