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A Thank You to Time

Life experiences shaped who I am today

By Emily Chan - Life and love sharingPublished 25 days ago 1 min read
A Thank You to Time
Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash

Time has shown me a lot. It’s helped me see who truly cares and who’s putting on a fake smile. It’s also taught me what’s important: real connections and good health. Money and fame fade away, but the people we love and taking care of ourselves matter most.

Thanks to time, I’ve lived through everything — childhood, growing up, learning from mistakes. I understand life’s ups and downs better now.

In the future, I’ll focus on being grateful and content with what I have. Time has also taught me valuable lessons about people: to choose my words carefully, stay calm in arguments, and see through phonies without making a scene. The truth always comes out in the end. Kind people are rewarded, and bad things catch up to those who do wrong.

Time is precious, so I won’t waste it on negativity. What’s meant to be in my life will stay. I can’t force things that aren’t meant to be.

Life is short and unpredictable. I’ll make the most of every day. Time may change my looks, but it’s making me wiser. It may bring tears, but I’m learning from them and have fewer regrets.

Thank you, time, for introducing me to the people in my life, for warmth, and inspiration, and for guiding me as I grow and change.

Thank you for reading!

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Emily Chan - Life and love sharing

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