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Is Happiness in the Journey, Not the Destination?

Enjoy today, and dream big

By Emily Chan - Life and love sharingPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Is Happiness in the Journey, Not the Destination?
Photo by Shaurya Sagar on Unsplash

Don’t get stuck waiting for some far-off happiness! Life’s a long journey, like a big race. We all have dreams we’re chasing, but sometimes we get scared or forget to enjoy the moments we’re in.

Instead of stressing about tomorrow, focus on the good stuff happening right now. It could be anything! Maybe it’s your favorite song on the radio, or just treating yourself to a tasty snack.

There are tons of little things that can make you happy.

Good things come to people who wait and never give up on their dreams. The most important thing is to soak up the good feelings of today and not worry too much about what tomorrow brings.

Be happy now, and good things will keep happening on your journey!

Thank you for reading!

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Emily Chan - Life and love sharing

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    Emily Chan - Life and love sharingWritten by Emily Chan - Life and love sharing

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