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A Tapestry of Wonders

Exploring the Beauty of the Natural World in Verse

By RamyaPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

The world is a canvas painted with hues,
Of every shade and tone, both bright and subdued,
From the dawn's pink to the evening's blue,
A masterpiece, a sight to view.

Mountains rise high, like giants of old,
And valleys run deep, a story to be told,
Rivers flow, a constant melody,
And oceans roar, a majestic symphony.

Forests green, a carpet of life,
With creatures big and small, a hive,
Birds take flight, in graceful dance,
And bees buzz by, in rhythmic trance.

Cities bustle, with people in a hurry,
Butterflies flutter, in fields of cherry,
Children laugh, in playgrounds of joy,
While deer roam, in forests, oh so coy.

Stars twinkle, in the night sky,
The moon glows, a silver eye,
Clouds form, in shapes unique,
The sun rises, another day to seek.

The world is beautiful, in so many ways,
With moments to cherish, through all our days,
Let's love and protect, this home we call ours,
And marvel at the world's infinite powers

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