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Strangled Dreams

Breaking Free from Societal Oppression

By RamyaPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

In a world where norms reign supreme,
A girl struggles to breathe and dream,
The society's grip around her throat,
Is slowly tightening, stealing her hope.

She longs to break free and fly,
But the expectations make her sigh,
She's expected to fit into a mold,
That's old and tired, cruel and cold.

She's supposed to be prim and proper,
To dress a certain way and never falter,
To be demure and never outspoken,
To please everyone, her spirit broken.

The pressure to conform is immense,
The constant judgment and pretense,
The fear of being different and outcast,
Makes her question her own worth at last.

She wants to scream and let it out,
To shatter the chains and break the doubt,
To show the world her true beauty,
But the society refuses to see.

Her uniqueness is seen as a flaw,
Her struggles overlooked, dismissed as raw,
The world expects her to conform,
To society's rules and unspoken norm.

But she refuses to let them win,
She fights to break free and begin,
To live life on her own terms,
To break the shackles and burn.

She finds the strength to rise above,
The society's hate and shove,
To find her own voice and roar,
To be herself, forevermore.

She realizes that she's not alone,
That there are others who have grown,
Tired of the society's suffocating hold,
Who are breaking free and being bold.

And so, she joins the rebellion,
To break the chains of societal oppression,
To create a world where everyone's free,
To be whoever they want to be.

No longer will she be strangled,
By society's narrow-minded tangle,
For she's found the power to be,
The person she's meant to be

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