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A tale of Diamonto spiritual journey adventure

My first short story

By Mayur Published 3 months ago 1 min read

In a book so new, a tale unfurls,
Crafted by a student of the literary swirls.
A journey grand, with love untold,
Mighty and his love, a story to behold.

On the moon they tread, a chance encounter rare,
With an alien friend, from a universe elsewhere.
Armed with tech and power, on a mission they embark,
To save their god, Diamonto, from the dark.

Amidst the stars, a lesson we find,
Of nature's grace, in the sun that shines.
Respect the Earth, its land and sea,
For without them, where would we be?

Join the celebration, of storytelling's might,
As imagination soars, in the day and night.
Grab your copy, dive into the unknown,
Where love and adventure, truly own.


#NewBook #DebutAuthor, a journey to start,
In the realm of Sci-Fi, where dreams depart.
True love, adventure, in every page we see,
Come, let's explore, in this world so free.

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