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A Symphony of Rain: A Poem Capturing the Tranquility of a Rainy Day

Dive into the calming rhythm of a rainy day, where the pitter-patter on the pane and the scent of petrichor create a soothing melody for the soul.

By ARJ GamingytPublished about a month ago 1 min read
 A Symphony of Rain: A Poem Capturing the Tranquility of a Rainy Day
Photo by Amy Gatenby on Unsplash

The sky, a canvas wept upon,

In shades of gray, a somber tone.

The wind, a whisper, soft and low,

As raindrops gently start to flow.

A gentle tap, a rhythmic beat,

On windowpanes, a soothing feat.

The world outside, a blurry sight,

A veil of rain, both soft and light.

The pitter-patter, swift and sure,

A lullaby the roof endures.

A symphony for senses keen,

A melody of what has been.

The scent of earth, a breath of life,

Petrichor's magic cuts through strife.

A cleansing touch, a calming sigh,

As worries seem to drift and die.

A cup of tea, a book in hand,

A cozy haven, warm and grand.

The fire crackles, embers glow,

A perfect scene, a gentle flow.

The rain persists, a steady friend,

A time for peace, a journey's end.

A moment stolen, just for me,

A rainy day's serenity.

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  • Flamance @ lit.about a month ago

    I really liked the story

  • Alex H Mittelman about a month ago

    A great poem!

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