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A Soul of The Midnight Sea

by Jennifer Gulbrandsen about a year ago in surreal poetry
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Born Into Blue

A child of Wednesday born during a new moon,

Is likely to be shrouded in Blue.

Into a world of chaos she is born a midnight stoic,

Her aura is Lapis and also cold.

A contradiction she did not ask to be, so deep and confused,

Eyes the color of the Sea, not easily amused.

Melancholia and genius with a soul as old as the Earth,

Her resolve is Cobalt; unbreakable.

Ice in the veins; courage as an ally,

Her guard is a Sapphire glacier moving slowly.

Skyward she looks with ancients for guides,

Her soul draped in Indigo, for the generational karma she rides.

Forward is the only way she wishes to go,

Like Cerulean waves crashing on shore.

The heart is set, curses break here.

A single Aquamarine tear is wiped away.

Born under a dark moon, she walks bravely to the light,

Cloaked in Royal, a Queen of the night.

surreal poetry

About the author

Jennifer Gulbrandsen

Writer, Podcaster, Digital Media Gadfly, Former Supermodel. Get the realness at jennifergulbrandsen.com

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