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Foolish Spring

by Jennifer Gulbrandsen about a year ago in surreal poetry
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The return of the delicate balance

The hot and cold of the spring is here again,

Not as tempestuous as it was when we began,

But dark and desolate as we start to grow older than.

Like Persephone and Hades, it’s a delicate dance,

Between a life, a death, and a romance

A cycle that burns, ebs, and flows not by chance.

The sun burns bright as the flowers bloom,

Then immediately cold sending the beauty to gloom,

A silence falls, the shadows grow, again we contemplate our doom.

It takes so long to thaw, to bring the warmth back,

Each looking for when the other will attack,

Quieter now, the passion we had is what we lack.

Yet if you take a season away, the Earth would cease,

If one of us strays, it interrupts out peace,

Apart it dies, but together the pain is increased.

Summer will come and melt away the cold,

And we will bask in its light forgetting we are old,

And when Autumn appears, we will unite with colors so bold.

Until then I warm and you cool,

And we continue this endless duel,

Spring this hot and cold fool.

surreal poetry

About the author

Jennifer Gulbrandsen

Writer, Podcaster, Digital Media Gadfly, Former Supermodel. Get the realness at jennifergulbrandsen.com

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