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A Prison

by K. Waterss 9 months ago in art

"what is your prison" By Waters

A prison

Is it a state of mind caught at a sound because the following vibrations and waves just MIGHT bring a tsunami

Is it focusing on might

Is it always being awake at midnight even if there's numbers of hours before or after or however long

Is it that one song

That you hear over and over on the radio and can’t get out your head

Is it wanting to listen to that one song over and over again because you can’t get it out your head

Is it fear of speak

Of that one word

That one song



I ask myself a thousand times but I stop myself if the deeper understanding seems to far out of my reach

Is that my prison

Is that my fear to


But reason to speak I mean I think why people speak I mean when my lips make a song with my tongue it’s because I want someone to hear it

To not be heard is

A prison

Four walls

They say when someone doesn’t listen it’s like talking to the wall

I don’t want to go crazy talking to walls

Ive already been crazy trapped in walls

I mean around people that feel like walls


K. Waterss

Poetry has been my life for as long as I can remember. It's the only other thing besides my daughter that makes sense to me most days.

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