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A night of mulberry wine

A sonnet of love lost

By Rajkumarie DeviPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
A night of mulberry wine
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A night of mulberry wine


A night of mulberry wine and first loves,

Blue eyes reminiscent of summer sky,

Speaking silently of white veils and doves,

Would ever gaze upon me in July.


You danced with me a song feeling so right,

We slept by the lake, arms held tight till sore.

I woke to the easterly sun so bright,

Only to discover, you were no more.


The season of bountiful blues and green,

Filled with fun of sun and colours galore,

Now barren as a dried up, droughted stream;

August suns never to hear our love lore.


A fantasy drawn by mulberry wine,

You do not exist in this world of mine.

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About the Creator

Rajkumarie Devi

Observing the world through different eyes and a different mindset.

Walking the path of enlightenment.

Love poetry, science fiction/fantasy and spirituality.

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