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The colour of Earth

A poem about the colour of me.

By Rajkumarie DeviPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
The colour of Earth-image by Rajkumarie Devi

The Colour of Earth


The colour of my skin

Brown, smooth, healthy,

Grey, cracking, feeling like paper,

Thirsty for water, in need of hydration

The colour of earth

Upon which things grow.


The colour of my skin

Like earthy mud

beneath still-waters,

In which the lotus roots itself before

Pushing upward to face

The rising sun.


The colour of my skin…of me…

Whom the earth has loaned

Her atoms to breathe me into being

And expects great things,

But no greater than

The life she has given to me.


The colour of my skin

Upon my end…the colour of ash,

The colour of earth

As my body returns to its owner;

Soil for new growth

And a greener world.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Rajkumarie Devi

Observing the world through different eyes and a different mindset.

Walking the path of enlightenment.

Love poetry, science fiction/fantasy and spirituality.

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  • Daphne Faye2 years ago

    I love these lines: The colour of my skin…of me…/ Whom the earth has loaned/ Her atoms to breathe me into being "breathe me into being" is such a beautiful and profound phrase. I enjoyed reading this; thank you so much for writing it.

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