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A nice day for love

by Sophy Geno 9 months ago in art

Amber Vittoria's refreshing art style and concepts can help you enjoy the simple things in life

Amber Vittoria

A nice day for love

Could be everyday

If you can turn your head and see it every way

A nice summer rain

Nice love can show in many a thing

When it’s dark and lonely

When your phone doesn’t ring

Turn you head and see it another way

You still have love

A nice time for change

Could be everyday

But love is in the things that stay the same

The scent of paint and morning tea

A feeling that lingers from sea to sea

One love alone can be pristine

A nice time for love

Comes even when you don’t expect

After all the highs and lows love is still intact

A sweet song a lone bird sang

A few mistakes can twist you all at once

But one small thing that is always with you

What flows through your veins despite any virtue

A strong fire that spreads slow and far

Remember every moment love comes to you so

- Sophia Genovese 2020

"Amber's artwork demonstrates the beauty of small details."

Amber Vittoria

"Like the happiness and love you feel for your passion, my passion for art-reminds me to appreciate the little things in life."

As an art lover myself, I try to keep tabs on new artists as well as the classical artists. One day while scrolling through Instagram I stumbled upon the artist Amber Vittoria and her minimalist yet thought provoking figures in her artwork. Like much art, you can always appreciate it more once you know the meaning the artist had in mind. A lovely aspect of Amber's work is how she depicts beauty and love. Her 'models' are not sample size, or ordinary, just like many of the beautiful people in our world. Amber's figures come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and angles. Although the way she portrays people in her artwork is not a new concept, her stylistic use of color gradients, line, and shape, make the observer stop and think about what they are seeing.

Many of Amber's 'models' wear designer clothes, but they show beauty and body types seldom found in designer catalogs. Yet I noticed my first thought was never to wonder why her art did not show the "normal" beauty standard. This is because through her technique, Amber can show beauty in simple yet intriguing ways. Amber's work rarely contains any complicated lines, but you are never left wanting more. Amber uses a clean color palette, yet it is never boring. To put it simply, Amber's artwork demonstrates the beauty of small details. I gained inspiration for my poem especially from the art pieces I put into this article. Her art reminded me to appreciate the importance of simple things in life, because like her art, they can bring you much joy.

See more art from her website

Sophy Geno
Sophy Geno
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