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A Mirror's Blade

0. I watch what they all did to you, and how I tried save you

By KuroHoshiPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
A Mirror's Blade
Photo by Михаил Секацкий on Unsplash

We were born together

Yet we are divided

I was holy

You were humble

The world knew you

But I, I am a distant memory

Something out of make believe

I don't breath in the same sunlight as you

I crawl in darkness and copy your moves

Obey your noise

Never wanting to become a traitor

I kept my distance

But you kept on hurting

Giving gifts away

Showing as if you're not in pain

Thinking you were gaining friends

Instead fiends invaded

I knew what's on your mind

I can see it in your eyes, they're clouded just like mine

You never want to talk about you said "I would rather die"

As you warp your arms around me, resting your jaw onto me

Then I learned how to hate you

Yet would love you to hurt you and I'm just holding back every word

because you never learn

You don't know what you saw

You fell outta the roof, out of the skies

I can feel the gasoline on the walls and you told me it was for love

As you body hit the flames and it torn you apart

you thought it was so lovely

Then I heard your last bone breaking to the these demons

I felt it then, I knew there was no destination

Nothing freeing you from this reality

Liberate you from your sense of broken

So I become the door you get to open

As I tear my limbs,

Creating the Saviors




Your only imagination

The Sins, Chaos, Mistakes of humanity

Taking on the divine and destructive

surreal poetry

About the Creator


A Poet, An Artist, and the person who tries to become a living star

I write the about the creatures from underneath my mind

Some are happy, others are truthful, but I'll let you decide what's their fate

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  • Babs Iverson2 years ago

    Splendid surreal poem!!!

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