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A Lyric Almost A Dinosaur.


By Abdul QayyumPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

A Lyric Almost A Dinosaur.

In antiquated times, when soil was youthful,

And legends of the past were sung,

A animal meandered the primal shore,

The powerful, fearsome dinosaur.

Underneath the canopy of green,

In wildernesses tremendous, it might be seen,

With scales that flickered within the sun,

A monster born when time started.

Its strides shook the timberland floor,

A sound that reverberated, antiquated legend.

With teeth that shined like honed stone,

It chased lands it called its possess.

From waterways profound to mountains tall,

It ruled underneath the old sky.

A imperial of a bygone age,

Its story penned on nature's page.

Presently fossils lie in noiseless sand,

A antique of that compelling arrive.

In rocks and bones, we discover the key,

To universes that we not see.

However in our dreams, it lives once more,

The incredible, magnificent dinosaur.

A image of what once had been,

A immortal story of might and scene.


About the Creator

Abdul Qayyum

I Abdul Qayyum is also a passionate advocate for social justice and human rights. I use his platform to shine a light on marginalized communities and highlight their struggles, aiming to foster empathy and drive positive change.

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    This was a fantastic poem! I loved it!

Abdul QayyumWritten by Abdul Qayyum

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