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A Lifetime in a Moment

First Sight

By Kristen LeavittPublished about a year ago 1 min read
A Lifetime in a Moment
Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

Immobile on the edge

Of the spotlight

Dancing off your eyes

Like fireflies


Can’t meet your gaze

But can’t keep my eyes away

Longing for you look,

Terrified you’ll glance my way.

A flicker of hope turns

To terror

And desperately wishing the lights

Would dim further,

Am I invisible yet?

Your firefly eyes move on

And there is no relief

In my anonymity.


Just wanna know more,

Want you to want to know more,

Want to read your mind

But terrified of what I might find.


Drifting off and the room brightens

As my eyes see a new world

Where hands touch, those

Perfect lips quirk up at the corner

And then laughter

And walking home in the dark, with

Only your eyes to guide the way.

Touches like breezes sending shivers

Up my spine,

A fiery sort of icy shudder

That sets me burning.

Rush of colors flashing by

Like dancers spinning in ball gowns,

Sunny yellow of days in the sun,

The sparkles the stars to lie beneath,

And blues and violets and oranges for

The color of the house, the fence, the flowers,

The sunsets.


Snapped back when the song changes

And I’m blushing on the dancefloor

Standing alone and

You’re still there

And I can see our whole future but

Can’t imagine a single thing to say to you right now.

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About the Creator

Kristen Leavitt

Hey all! I am a recent graduate from BYU in Provo with a masters in PE. I have a passion for the outdoors, physical activity, sports, and health, but I also love writing! I love my husband, parents, and all eleven of my siblings!

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