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A Letter From My Cruel Follower.

Leave your place already. I am waiting!

By CosmicClipPublished 11 months ago 2 min read

One day, I found a letter. Nothing in the cover, but I see something at the back. It writes :

Finally, I see you far away

I don't see it, what's happening?

The light is off, the shadow is coming

Is it over? Is it the end of all?

Why are you so greedy?

You're getting crazy every day

Where is the light? What happens with the cable?

Did you just cut it off?

Look at your heart, it's empty

It's blank-out, miserable

I've .... never seen this before

Yes, I am saying the truth

I am your friend, believe me

Why would you fight for your life?

Looks, like there is nothing around you.

You see no escape, you see no path

No one would guide you

Don't tell me, you are pointing at me?

How pitiful you are, how dare you

You don't have cable anymore

No lights in your heart

Looks like you can't accept the truth

So, I am giving you a masterpiece surprise

Look at behind you

Do you see it? Yes, it's real

It's not a dream, you are clearly here

A big white glassy mirror emerges

See what's unseen

Ouch, viscous liquid like black ink

Spilled off from your body

Listen to the tears, screams, and blood

Did you just plan to kill?

Blaming myself instead of yours?

Taking others out as a trigger for your anger?

Why would you so stupid? Foolish!

I am very happy to meet you

Someone like you

Someone that I can trust, someone I can torture

My friend, he wants to touch you

Make a folded hand-sign

Yes, he wants a collaborator

He wants you, but I don't want it

I want you to fulfill his hope

But what's the end? He betrays me.

And look, how strong your nuance

Have you ever counted how many holes on you?

You could ask me

But first, meet me under dead tree

It's so close to your house

There, I put rusty needle in the ground

Let's see how dare you

Stab it in your hand as you stabbed your loved person


I bet you can't ....

surreal poetry

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    CosmicClipWritten by CosmicClip

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