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A Knights Day

The day will be

By Up UpshurPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In days of old, on fields of green,

A knight would ride, with armor sheen.

His sword held high, his heart sincere,

Chivalry's flame, forever near.

But now, alas, those days are past,

The code of honor doesn't last.

In a world of haste, and fleeting grace,

Chivalry's tomb, an empty space.

Yet in each heart, a spark remains,

A hope, a dream, that still sustains.

For in small deeds, and gestures kind,

Chivalry's spirit, we may find.

So let us strive, to keep alive,

The noble ideals, for which we strive.

Though chivalry may seem to sleep,

In every soul, its echoes keep.

Mental Health

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    UUWritten by Up Upshur

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