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A journal of the broken

Tales of torments

By elyon sunnyPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
A journal of the broken
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I am a tree without root

I am a garden filled with weeds

I am a valley with no running water

An ocean with no waves

A mortal with no heart

A broken vessel

Wandering round in disarray

Alone in this world

For nothing fits with my disordered heart

My heart is shrunken and perforated

With the darts of sadness

My body has been taken on a voyage of pain

My fate is a clear obscurity

For I know not the path that is right

I have tried all means to be happy

Happiness is just too invaluable

Day after day my heart sores the more

I have no choice than to go on with life

I am a fading leaf bellowing in a calm hurricane

Waiting to be torn to shreds.

My heart! My heart!! My head!!!

All rebelling each other

Flashing images of fading memories

All into my small head they pour

Making my heart sour

Rejected I am

Frail and weak, sobbing in agony

Why do I feel much pain?

Coated in my heart

The sadness of life

Someone takes away from me.

This despair.

Lonely in this cold cave

A blazing fire to keep me warm

But a dying flame in my heart

Looking up in the skies

Hoping, but even the stars seem to despise me

The cloud darken of my sight

Pouring down its anger as rain drops

Not a harm have I done

Not even a leaf have I hurt

Am empty, sober and pained

Death where art thy sting

My essence seems only to feel pain.

While you breathe alone

Someone out there struggles for air

While you fidget in boredom

Someone is abducted and tied up hoping for a glimpse of salvation

While you lay in emptiness

Someone out there is crowded with thoughts of how to go keep living a pain and tears filled life

While you worry about been poor and soaked in the rain

Someone is dyed in blood

While you complain in dissatisfaction

Someone just died

While the world goes on untouched

You just suffer a grave loss

While your kin party in utopia

You lay in the dark, sick to the bones

While your colleagues rejoice in success

You wallow in the shame of failure

While the crowd cheer and trade on the top of their voice

Your heart is buried in silence

When people come together

You have no place to fit in

While multitude smiles

You are drenched in your own tears.

From the first speech "let there be light"

Life has been fixed on a scale

For without sadness, happiness cease to exist

Without tears, laughter is just an empty face

Without death, life is just space

This is the balance of humanity

No one was born worthless

We are just piece in the big order of life. The sun is down

Age not remembered

Forsaken for unworthy desires

Deeply in love with lust

Negative pleasure coats life

Death never lies

Cold found emotions

Reminds me of what remember to forget

Life kills me every waking hour

Jailed by my own ethics

Sorrow serves me on a golden plate

Eaten with a broken spoon made from love

While my feelings eat me up from the inside out

Waking the buried emotions that tore out my organs of living

No cross no prize no cross no salvation no nothing

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