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Echoes of Malevolence

Humanity's Sinister Symphony

By elyon sunnyPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Echoes of Malevolence
Photo by Javier Miranda on Unsplash

The welfare of the human race

Faces the pyre of the fallen ones

Everything bears losses of the universe

We are only living because we can't seem to leave

Let all meet our doom at a time

Why won't we just die like mould of microscopic organism

Bring this suffering universe to its alleged end

Bear the fruit of catastrophe

And all our offspring shall all be incarnate of ira

We are the slaves of existence

And the masters of our never ending calamities

The sweet sensation when one is stabbed

And the blunt edge leaves her entrails exposed

The sense of good have been wiped from the surface of the universe

chaos and raging hate have become the nutrients passed through the placenta from our mothers

We step on the dreams of our fellow specie to satisfy our lust

I already lost faith in humanity

This generation is rotten and broken

Twisted love and burnt offerings of bleeding hearts

Confused existence, configured massacre of life and morals

Yet, this is not our HELL

The blinding light in the shackles of darkness

Restoring the shadows in infinite from

Bring forth the palms of restoration

Behold the forsaken Messiah

The hated tyrant and the blade to the tongue of the crying infant

Curses and cries, reach not the ears of the throne

Stones and torches brings not your liberation

Hate and reject does not subject damnation

The world is created from the vomit of voidness

And the ruins of emptiness

Eternally nude and battered by the gapless space

Reaching for the axis that runs across the galaxy

Utmost assumption of what will be

At what cost?

Where have the redemption wandered to ?

Where is the long fought salvation?

How long shall life scavenge for worthless lust and lie-based euphoria

Hunted and taunted by our own finger tips

At the verge of death

Curse your helplessness

And spit your soul out down to the abyss of endless flames

Watch it dance to the drums of blazing heat

And cry in agony for you have failed while you still have red blood

Now it flows with ashes and brimstone

Beg for a second chance to sail in to the door steps of the living

To tell of the unforeseen anomaly

Stay put, for messages are already conveyed to those who shall heed it

And bypass this creation of the spawn of the volcanic alter.

Respecter of no life form

Swift hand of coldness that draws away light to total darkness

Swift yet slow, painful yet the greatest arousal

Force of nature that equals all beings

Nourisher of the earth, yet the rival of life

Ascending from the gallows

Conceiving the grim reaper bestowing the scythe of eternal slumber

Bearer of solitude, eternal melancholy and the nostalgia in homes

The irreversible curse of man kind

Yet blessing to few

Dread it, run from it, hate it

There will be no savior in the beat of our heart

For it is a mercenary of God.

The evaluation of reality

Has been summed up to be a calculated order of events till the end

Rather a random combination of several occurrences

The generation rots as it spreads

Mankind sanity sees no ages

Catastrophic symbolism has become the definition of existence

Faceless cowards, gutless mammals

The creator claim to be love

Yet his beloved creation are drenched in the blood of their mothers right from birth

We have all been fed the lie

Hate and depression has become the new symbol of uniqueness

Emotional breakdown and dammed anxiety now pulls the puppet strings

Where did we all go wrong?

What rotten fate has been handed to us?

Grieve your existence

Even death cannot take away this pain

It shall only be passed down to the infants

Till never ending end ends.

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