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A Hopeful Place

by Anabeth Conatts 25 days ago in social commentary

For When I'm Lost

A Hopeful Place
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Short and sweet.

Complexity captured by simplicity.

4 letters take on over a billion forms,

For no two answers will be the same-

For every heart - There will be a new shape,

For a heart, is where HOME has a place.

What lies within a heart, will define a home,

So to each their own.


Hope everlasting,

A light filled with Optimism,

Memories to never forget,


HOME is a state of being and feeling,

HOME is not grounded to one place-

It can be moved and rebuilt,

It can bend and wear,

But if a HOME is STRONG,

It will NOT break.


One thousand times fled-

One thousand and one times welcomed.

Home is somewhere, that no matter how many times you leave,

You will always have somewhere to return too.

Home calls you from a distance,

To rejoin its warmth,

No matter how far you are,

You will be drawn back,

No matter where you go,

It will be missed.

The thought of HOME will make you happy,

And its absence-


You will always be met-

With open arms,

And never forgotten.

Home is irreplaceable.

It is Comfortable, sometimes too so,

It is inviting and embracing,

HOME is a place of endless joys and love.

Forever your safety,

A piece of serenity.

For a time, I forgot what HOME was to me.

I had been away-

For much longer than I intended to be.

At the start of this poem,

I was solemn.

I knew the nuance-

Of what a HOME ought to be.

Along the journey,

I found a memory-

Frozen in time,

A place once so happy.

Tears were shed,

But with a smile and good intent.

I had been lost,

And not even known,

But how could I have forgotten,

Something to me-

Which once mattered most?

I picked up the phone,

To dial a friend,

A member of my chosen family,

Regrets and fears filled my head,

But from the speaker came-

Nothing but love instead.

Time played no part,

They all felt the same,

I still had a place in their hearts.

I had been lost,

But it wasn't all for naught,

My heart had been filled,

And a single call on a phone,

Was all that it cost,

Because, I found my way HOME.


social commentary

Anabeth Conatts

I love writing and it gives me joy. I hope that everyone finds something in life that gives them joy too.

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Anabeth Conatts
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