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"A Goblin's Lament: Love's Eternal Fire"

"An Ode to Destiny's Dance in a K-Drama's Embrace"

By Khudair Ahmed ShaikhPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Amidst the realms of fate, a goblin dwells,

In K-drama's tapestry, a tale unfolds,

Where love and immortality's story swells,

An ode to destiny's dance, Robert Burns beholds.

Oh, goblin's lament, a soul's eternal plight,

In K-drama's embrace, love's flame aglow,

A bond that transcends both darkness and light,

In realms enchanted, where hearts bestow.

In Robert Burns' voice, let us contemplate,

The beauty of a goblin's yearning heart,

An ode to love's enduring fire, so great,

In this poetic realm, destined souls shall never part.

For K-drama's plot, a tapestry so rare,

Where time and destiny intertwine as one,

A goblin's sorrow, a love beyond compare,

In fate's design, their destinies are spun.

Oh, Robert Burns, lend thy tender verse,

To celebrate a goblin's sacred plight,

A symphony of love that can't be coerced,

In K-drama's realm, where darkness meets the light.

In K-drama's script, a love's embrace,

Where goblin's yearn for a mortal's heart,

A connection forged, their destinies in space,

In love's eternal flame, they find their start.

Through trials faced, their love remains unbroken,

As goblin's sorrow mingles with mortal's tears,

A bond eternal, a destiny unspoken,

In a realm where love defies the passing years.

Oh, goblin's lament, a bittersweet refrain,

In K-drama's world, where love takes flight,

A testament to destiny's whims, so arcane,

And the power of love to conquer the night.

So, let this poetry sing of a goblin's plight,

Of love's enduring flame, forever true,

In K-drama's world, where darkness meets the light,

Destined souls entwined, love's path they pursue.

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