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By ayesha nadeemPublished about a month ago 1 min read

The sun ascends in morning's glow,

A golden sphere, the world to show.

It casts its light on fields and streams,

Awakening dreams, igniting schemes.

With warmth it spreads through sky so wide,

Dispelling shadows, time’s gentle guide.

It paints the dawn in hues so bright,

A symphony of pure delight.

At noon it reigns, a blazing king,

Its presence felt in everything.

It fuels the day with boundless might,

A beacon bold, a source of light.

As evening falls, it softly sighs,

And sinks beneath the velvet skies.

In twilight’s blush, it takes its rest,

A fiery heart within the west.

The sun, a constant, radiant friend,

From dawn to dusk, its light will send.

In every beam, a promise spun,

Of life renewed, when day is done.

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