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A Day in the Corporate Life

Pizza parties won't pay my bills.

By Steven RicePublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Am I required to go to this meeting?

Bombarded with bitching from the ones leading.

Could have sent this as an email.

Do they really expect us to be fully happy?

Everyone at the top lives comfortably.

For us other folks, we live check to check.

Going out for lunch because I can’t stand my desk.

Hovering done by managers makes me want to leave.

I want to eat my food in peace.

Just have to make it a few more hours.

Kill them…with kindness and a smile.

LinkedIn is updated, and I beefed up my profile.

Mandatory meetings will make me snap.

No one wants to deal with this crap.

Opportunities to move up seem to fall into his lap.

People like me never have such luck.

Quacking and waddling like a duck.

Remember to kiss up like he.

Such a “yes man” is what he will always be.

Tossing his grunt work to you and me.

Under my breath, I tell him to shove it.

Vexed with everything about him and his shit.

Wearing what he wears and his lack of care.

Xerox my resume, just in case.

Year after year, I grew to hate this place.

Zoom meetings with my manager always leave me with a sour taste.


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Steven Rice

Growing up I had many visions of what I wanted to be when I grew up. At times I was relentless on becoming a Power Ranger or a writer. After thirty years, the path that seems most obtainable is becoming a writer.

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  • Robbie Newport4 months ago

    Funny, but this is why I work as a golf course greenskeeper.

  • Manisha Dhalani4 months ago

    The subtitle and the last line had me chuckling!

  • Salomé Saffiri4 months ago

    I enjoyed it. Thank you for a good read. that gif drove the point home for sure :D

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