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A Day Alone

by M.W. Whitaker 3 months ago in nature poetry · updated about a month ago
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by M.W. Whitaker

A Day Alone
Photo by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger on Unsplash

A warm spring walk in flower fields.

The sun against a turquoise sky.

Being able to let down all my shields.

And feeling so happy that I start to cry.

A perfumed breeze, the wind’s caress.

Feeling safe and feeling free.

Somewhere far from life’s distress.

At a place that where I can be me.

Meadow, forest, vale, and glen.

Mind and troubles all be stilled.

Far from the chaos wrought by men.

Spirit and soul refreshed, refilled.

The setting sun of fire’s hue.

Clouds of pink and tangerine.

Venus shining bright and true.

A moment forever, like a dream.

So many stars now shining bright.

A campfire’s gentle cracking sound.

Thousands of lights in a sky of night.

Crickets serenade me all around.

I hope you enjoyed my poem. Tips, pledges, and subscriptions are most welcome.

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M.W. Whitaker

I'm from Mesa, AZ. I have been writing stories since I was a child. Tips and subscriptions are always welcome, both on here and at my Kofi Page:


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