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Nourish My Soul

by M.W. Whitaker 3 months ago in love poems · updated about a month ago
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Thought, Dream, and Memory

Nourish My Soul
Photo by Sean Oulashin on Unsplash

So many things that nourish me from all the threads of my life

Thought, dream, and memory twining, dancing like candle flames

Daydreams about what could be and making it real.

Finding small joys in each and every single day.

The tumbling dance of the passing clouds.

A strawberry ice cream cone on a green grass hill. 

Letting a balloon fly with a wish on a string.  

A kiss goodnight from a memory.    

Glorious gardens of flowers and the velvet of a rose.

Seeing hummingbirds and butterflies passing by.   

Shamisen songs quietly played while sipping some tea.

Koi like gliding flames swimming by.  

Smelling the chaparral after a monsoon rain. 

A soft blanket's embrace on a winter night.  

The sun's touch on an ocean shore.

The seagulls with their cry and the waves on my feet.

Being crazy in love and feeling like I can fly.

Arms wrapped around me, feeling safe and warm.

Floating in a pool at night, with palm trees and stars above.

Cuddling together, waiting for the day to start.  

I hope you enjoyed my story. Tips, pledges, and subscriptions are most welcome.

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M.W. Whitaker

I'm from Mesa, AZ. I have been writing stories since I was a child. Tips and subscriptions are always welcome, both on here and at my Kofi Page:


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