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A Child’s Fantasy

by Jennah Casey 19 days ago in inspirational · updated 19 days ago

A poem by Jennah Maria

A Child’s Fantasy
Photo by Tim Rebkavets on Unsplash

Once upon a blissful youth, I dreamed of adventure

Stories of fairies fighting trolls and tales of dragon gold

Riches beyond number and an incredible journey every slumber

Tales of woe and agony led to endings of mighty victory

Stories to keep you warm at night, stories that bestow an endless delight

Stories for the young and old, stories for the frightened and the bold

Stories full of belief that anything was possible

That even you could be unstoppable


Now I am older and reality has settled in

I no longer dream of adventure or what could have been

I realize now that the world is dark and dreary

That there is no journey for the weary

Reality is a mess of stress and anxiety

It brings us down into an endless pit of adversary

Dark and gloomy, there is no light in the misery

No stories for the fearless

No stories for the meek

No stories full of adventure

No stories full of belief

Now we suffer through our despair;

Wondering to ourselves, how did we get here?

How did we fall from our imagination?

How did we become so full of indignation?

Why are there no heroes seeking glory?

Why does no one believe in a better story?


Yes, the world is not as fun as a child’s fantasy

But that does not mean it’s a hopeless reality

Perhaps the world has fallen astray;

Because no one has moved the clouds away

There’s still joy and hope and love

There’s still angels up above

People smile every day

Miracles happen in every way

Yes it’s true it can be dark and mundane

But with a little bit of wonder and unity;

We can conquer the world under a new community

Life is a story and something new awaits on every page

Your life is not over simply because you are backstage

Beauty lives all around us, if you know where to look

So please, dear dreamers, don’t close the book.

Jennah Casey
Jennah Casey
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Jennah Casey

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