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Broken Pieces

by Jennah Casey 2 months ago in inspirational

A poem by Jennah Maria

Broken Pieces
Photo by Trym Nilsen on Unsplash

Broken pieces in a clocktower

Pausing time and whisking away the hour

Cold and frozen the tower will sit

Looming high above as it doesn’t quite fit

People will gaze upon it and stare

Wondering why there is no movement up there

No tick, no tock; silent it remains,

No clock in the tower for it has been stopped

Broken pieces slowly decaying

While the tower sits still, wondering why it is breaking

Just like the tower, we too still remain

Clutching our broken pieces, wondering with arcane;

Why no one has come with their tools and their kit

To fix us right up and get us to tick

Wondering why we are standing, all still in a row

Lost and confused, not sure where to go

We search for someone to fix us

All aglow and brand new

Patching our hearts with a small dab of glue

However perhaps most unnerving of all

Is that we all exist as a clocktower, waiting to fall

Every tower breaks down at one point or another

Every person too, will crumble and suffer

We will despair in our anguish and our torment

We will cry and shatter in our endless lament

But what if we stopped for a moment and thought to ourselves

“What could I do to patch up these broken shelves?”

What if we each took our own little tool kit

And we sat right on down and we didn’t just quit

We patch ourselves up with the same love and care

That we give to each other, to the best of our prayers

There will be days where you are completely alone

No Calvary will call to your side, you will be on your own

Alone you will stand amidst the cold and the frozen

Alone you will stand in the darkness and the broken

And alone you will rise, to fix yourself right

For you are your hero and you can bring forth your own light.


Jennah Casey

Hi there, I’m an aspiring author and artist hoping to get some of my ideas out there for everyone to enjoy!

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Jennah Casey
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