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A Brush with the Mystical

Miracles can happen on any day — if you let them

By Aaron Waddell - The Everyday MysticPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
A Brush with the Mystical
Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash

If you will be aware

you can feel the mystical

stretch out to you every day

Like the lover’s longing grasp

Softly calling to your spirit

Gently caressing your soul


A signpost on a secluded road

faded by continual exposure to the forces of nature

rusted through by years of wind and rain

slowly disintegrating

in a return to the dust from whence it came

can offer a glimpse of ancient wisdom

Divine knowledge

Timeless presence


A frozen landscape with an iced-over pond

crystalline lattices of prismatic dispersion

can secret visions of chromatic grandeur

more vivid, more wondrous

than has ever been known to this world

or any other


A single wilted rose petal

shaken from the lover’s gifted bouquet

pushed into a dark corner of the room

Holds the path to the Tao

A gateway to the inner Buddha

Christ incarnate


The song of the trees

swaying in the cool autumn wind

leaves of amber and gold scattered

softly whispers the mysteries of the universe

in the frequency of the cosmos

to the ear that is ready to hear

the essence of the universe

to the eye willing to see


An approaching storm

foretold by towering thunderclouds dark and gray

can as easily bear witness to all the wonders of creation

as a cerulean springtime sky

clear as the morning dew

or accented by exquisite billowy pillows

of soft cumulus clouds


In the mating call of a lovesick nightingale

perched high atop the world

in its humble nest of twigs and grass

is held the beauty contained

in the collapse of space and time

The unity of soul

The radiance that proceeded existence


A chance meeting

with a stranger on a park bench

illuminated by the glow of an August sunset

in the return line at Costco

or in a busy convenience store

can unveil divine grace

The perfection of Man

The holy face of God

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About the Creator

Aaron Waddell - The Everyday Mystic

Hello dear friend! I'm Aaron - Husband, Father, Writer, Engineer, Poet and Pickleball Junkie.

I write inspirational poems and stories of spiritual growth.

Be a part of my journey of self-discovery and search for truth.


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  • Test2 months ago

    Loved it! keep up the good work!

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