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9 To 5

The Monotony and Struggle of Daily Work Life in '9 to 5'

By RiparianPublished about a year ago 1 min read
9 To 5
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Rising early, as the sun begins to shine,

Another day of work, just another grind.

A commute to the office, the same old drive,

But a job must be done, to keep life alive.

The clock strikes nine, and the day begins,

A cycle of meetings, emails, and churning out wins.

Each hour ticks by, as the workload grows,

And the pressure builds, with no time to slow.

Lunchtime comes, a brief moment to breathe,

But it's back to the grind, there's no time to leave.

The afternoon fades, as deadlines loom,

And the thought of home, feels like a distant room.

The clock strikes five, the day is done,

Another nine-to-five, and the battle is won.

The commute back home, a chance to unwind,

But tomorrow's another day, another grind.

But in between, there's a life to live,

And it's important to find, the joy to give.

For the nine-to-five, is just a small part,

Of the journey we take, with each beating heart.

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