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Sweet Jealousy

The Bittersweet Complexities of Sweet Jealousy

By RiparianPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Sweet Jealousy
Photo by negar nikkhah on Unsplash

Jealousy, a feeling so often scorned,

Yet sweet in its own peculiar way,

For it's a sign of the passion we feel,

And the depth of love that we display.

It's a feeling that can't be ignored,

A fire that cannot be tamed,

And in its sweet intensity,

We can find a love that remains.

For jealousy is a reminder,

Of the value that we place on love,

A testament to the power,

That love has to move us and elevate us above.

It's a mirror that reflects,

The importance of our connection,

A bond that cannot be broken,

And a love that defies all rejection.

So let us embrace sweet jealousy,

And let it guide us on our way,

For in its creative and unique beauty,

We can find a love that's here to stay.

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