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9 to 5

by Bria Fairchild 2 months ago in heartbreak · updated 2 months ago
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By Bria Fairchild

9 to 5
Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Do you know what it's like to have to smile at their slights?

To ignore their jabs and demeaning glares

Knowing that if I speak

that I will have no backup

See my reaction is seen as


One that they all love to question

Playing the victim, they do oh so well

Let me be careful before they ring the alarm bell

So I smile and take it all

Whilst my self-esteem cannonball

They love to compliment my style

Planning to steal it all the while

Take a walk in my shoes

as we walk to the rhythm of my blues


About the author

Bria Fairchild

Hi! I hope you enjoy my short stories, bad poetry and the advice tidbits that I give out every Wednesday. Come and scream at the stars with me.

Whenever, Wherever,Whomever

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