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4 Poems about Thief in golden age

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By Mayur Published 3 months ago 2 min read
4 Poems about Thief in golden age
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Theif in Golden age

In the Golden Age's shimmering embrace,
A cunning thief danced with stealth and grace.
Silent footsteps on cobblestone streets,
Under moonlit skies, where secrecy meets.

Cloaked in shadows, a master of disguise,
With nimble fingers, unlocking prize.
Golden treasures, jewels of the elite,
In the heist of the night, his daring feat.

Through opulent halls, he weaved his way,
Evading guards, a daring display.
Velvet curtains and chandeliers gold,
His nimble fingers a story told.

In the age of splendor, he left his mark,
A phantom thief in the moonlit dark.
Golden jewels gleaming in his sack,
A daring escapade, no trace left back.

Yet, whispers spread of the rogue so bold,
A thief in the Golden Age, a tale retold.
In shadows he vanished, a legend's stage,
A phantom, a rogue, in the Golden Age.

Drops and green

Beneath the forest's verdant canopy,
Droplets gather, forming a symphony.
"Cherish," whispers the dew on a leaf,
A plea for life, a poignant motif.

On a journey down a blade of green,
A drop advises, "Preserve," be keen.
Stories of habitats lost and found,
A call for balance, a harmonious ground.

From a spider's delicate web it hangs,
A drop declares, "Protect," with gentle fangs.
A tapestry woven with nature's embrace,
A plea for coexistence, a shared space.

In unity, they raise their voice,
"Guard," they sing, making the woods rejoice.
Animals, leaves, and streams in accord,
A pledge to protect, a promise to afford.

Through the foliage, a story unfolds,
Of water droplets and tales untold.
A narrative spun by nature's hand,
A call for stewardship, across the land.

Space drop

In a quiet forest's embrace,
Where droplets form a special space.
Each bead, a message for the earth,
A plea for harmony, a timeless rebirth.

Morning sun kisses leaves with grace,
Conversations begin in that sacred place.
"Conserve," whispers a dewy bead,
Life in every drop, a sacred creed.

Down a blade of grass, a drop slides,
"Respect," it murmurs, where nature abides.
Tales of polluted streams it imparts,
A plea for balance in all our hearts.

Hanging delicately from a web so fine,
A drop echoes, "Sustain," in a rhythmic line.
A dance of coexistence, visions it weaves,
Humanity and nature, the harmony it believes.

United in chorus, a gentle plea they sing,
"Protect," the drops, their harmony they bring.
Leaves listen, animals heed the call,
Even the wind carries their message to all.

Through this symphony, a timeless flow,
A reminder that every droplet has a role to show.
The forest, once silent, now alive,
With a commitment to safeguard, to thrive.

Water drops share wisdom profound,
In the rustling leaves, a tale is found.
Of stewardship and nature's dance,
A story told by life's very essence.

The Novel

In a realm where words waltzed and dreams unfurled,
A tale began, a novel in a poetic world.
In verses stitched with threads of twilight,
Characters danced, their stories taking flight.

A protagonist, a soul in search of grace,
Wandered through stanzas in a lyrical space.
Metaphors whispered in the moonlit air,
As the novel-poetry embraced its flair.

Each chapter unfolded like petals in bloom,
With lines that echoed in a poetic room.
Vivid characters painted in hues so divine,
Their lives intertwined in a rhythmic line.

The plot weaved through sonnets and prose,
A tapestry of emotions, highs, and lows.
Themes of love, of loss, of journeys untold,
In this novel-poetry, a universe to behold.

The climax soared like a crescendo's rise,
As the moon dipped low and the sun did rise.
Verses intertwined, the resolution near,
A novel-poetry, casting spells sincere.

As the final words lingered in the air,
The novel-poetry sighed, a tale so rare.
In the quiet realm where dreams took flight,
A short story novel-poetry bid the night.

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