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by ParadoxFox 11 months ago in art
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If these contents are accepted, suffering shall cease

Photo by Mike Yukhtenko on Unsplash

the goal of life is to experience

because our form determines our function

with body parts dedicating themselves to perceiving

and an energy maintaining the presence of us Observers,

tying us to this plane: a mortal soul.

the backbone of existence is emptiness

because when one examines things too closely,

one will realize nothing is there:

a perception of material upon the immaterial

where the paradox of existence requires an equal nonexistence

as the two define one another.

this truth frequently haunts those to such an extent

that it debilitates, at worst lending itself

to the destruction of the self or others

and those whose grasp it escapes; these unconscious unaware

spend a lifetime of indulgence, turning away

from the glaring pull of this void

at best, sampling it behind a veil of obscurity:

through religion, ideology, or entertainment

each of these lenses, simplifications, distractions

from a reality we beings partake in but refuse to accept.

because the mystique; the allure to life

it rests within this 'nothing'

and it is beautiful covered, not bare

experienced through the filters of your false gods,

mindless hedonisms, and the squalls of ideology.


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I value feedback and thoughtful conversation. Talk to me on discord: ParadoxFox#7986

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