We did a FaceTime Photoshoot

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My first time "on Set"

“Have you ever done a Photoshoot?” - “Do passport pictures count?”

My very talented friend and photographer, who like me is currently in self-isolation, asked me if I was interested in having a FaceTime Photoshoot.

Lockdowns, Quarantine and Self-Isolation have caused a very weird time to be living in. I panicked when the Lockdown was announced in the UK.

I’m an outside person. I am pretty extroverted but when I say outside person, I really mean I like to spend a lot of time under the sun. Going for walks is one of my favourite things in the world. The announcement of the lockdown made feel very anxious.

My friend is a London-based photographer and specialises in telling a story through her dark night shots, using therapeutic photography and documentary and discusses delicate issues including mental-health. In a previous project she deals with her own self-awareness and the discomfort she faces in her daily life, shining light on the rarely discussed topic of female autism, which she has received a possible diagnosis for. She has proven herself a mastermind when it comes to making it work under quarantine, as she recently organised an open-air exhibition in her garden which she streamed on Instagram.

“We want to create a confident vibe, like ‘I’m here world”, I’m living my best life and I’m not unhappy during quarantine.”

As much as I had dreaded the lockdown, my experience has been extremely positive so far. I have made it my goal to increase productivity. To establish a healthy daily routine, to improve my fitness level, learn some new skills and leave my comfort zone for the sake of gaining confidence. I think I have been utilising my time quite well so far. Of course I was very excited to see her vision manifest.

I too am a highly creative head so I have been planning and working on all sorts of projects and ideas. My friend gave me an incredible chance to try something new and work under her directing.

“We are such a great team”.

I set my tripod up and installed my phone, then I FaceTimed her off my computer and pointed the camera at my phone screen. I could not see myself. With a remote control we were able to snap the pictures. I took her around my house, carefully scanned corners, edges and walls until we found perspectives that inspired her. I followed her instructions, “open the door the tiniest bit”, “Move slightly to the right”, “Can you tuck your hair back and push your shoulder slightly towards the wall”. The factor of doing this over FaceTime gave it such a humorous touch and we were able to create some really great picture while enjoying each others company and letting the creativity flow.

I was afraid that I’d get bored of staring at the same four walls, but I noticed a pattern on one of them. They say the messages of the universe are written within the ordinary, visible to he whom looks beyond the surface

If you are feeling bored, lonely or demotivated during this unusual and unsettled time, reach out to your friends. Collaborate and develop ways to communicate your art, passion or talents together. Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the most scary and exciting things to do. Sometimes we may get caught up in our daily routine and have no time to do so, so utilise this period to lay a fundament of confidence, happiness and assertiveness in your life.

If you would like to see some of her work, check out her Instagram @umamariack.

I hope you enjoyed this and feel inspired to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you know somebody who might need this motivation, please share this with them. Thank you very much for your support. With Love, Gabriella.

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