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The Thundering Herd

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By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

When Marvel previously announced at SDCC2022 (San Diego Comic-Con) that the Thunderbolts were in the planning stages of the fifth phase of the follow-up, numerous speculations about the members of the Thunderbolts began to pile up!

No way ~ the effect of this team IP in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not weak than the "Silver Guardian" such IP, and even, because the original full anti-hero or even former villain role of the combination, is also to make this combination of many plot gold, so can be moved to the screen, is also a happy thing.

In this regard, earlier for the "Thunderbolt" members of the speculation, I also predicted in the tweet, that my prediction.

Countess led the team (the formation of people, instead of the original Red Hulk Rose General position).

Members: "American secret agent" John Walker, "military division" Baron Zemo, "2 generations of black widow" Yelena, "ability to fixer "Sharon Carter," "Abomination" Emil Blonsky, "Ghost" Ava Starr, and so on.


In a recent piece of information about "Black Panther 2" rumors of spoilers, by the news of spoilers said that one of the last eggs in the "Black Panther 2" movie will be laid "Thunderbolts" part of the members of the team set, which showed the "ghost", "2 generations of black widow Yelena "and" American secret agent John Walker "the identity of the Thunderbolt team.

In the previous tweet, I also said directly, that if this news is true, then, inevitably, there will be another role, that is, the Countess, because in the previous Marvel Phase IV works, it is the Countess and these people have contact, in addition to the "Ant-Man 2" after the disappearance of the role of "ghost In addition, whether it is 2 generations of black widow Yelena or the United States secret agent John Walker have had close contact with the Countess.

So, this is why my previous personal prediction directly to the "Countess" positioned instead of the original "Thunderbolts" the formation of the man "Red Hulk" General Ross reason.

Of course!

I do not rule out the possibility that the Countess herself is working for General Ross is it ~

However, although the "Thunder Agents" currently Marvel has only announced general schedule news, for the "Thunder Agents" specific roles & actors and other news are not revealed to see, recently played the "American secret agent John Walker" actor Wyatt Russell in an interview is to reveal himself "have not received a call from Marvel about this work.

Wyatt Russell.

"No, I'm still waiting, I know they're running it, I know they're planning it, and I would imagine I have a place in it, but unless you get an exact schedule, like 'Okay, here's your start date, here's your check-in date, here's your rental date, here's what you need to fully start getting ready to shoot logistical support~', until that point I would have turned my mind to that work, you know? Otherwise, until you get that call, there are variables in everything, and plans don't catch up."

The 'variables' in Wyatt Russell's answer still have a lot of meaning. In Wyatt Russell's opinion, he would very much like to have a place in "Thunderbolts", but as long as he hasn't received a confirmed call from Marvel, everything is somewhat changed.

But again, if we look at it from a different perspective, the quote can be interpreted differently.

"I was looking forward to it, but at that time, Marvel only verbally said that there was no clear contractual notice (phone call), so I'm not sure if I can join it (Thunderbolts) yet, because they are still running the IP and may not think they don't need me for this role halfway through. So, I'm not sure now, because plans can't keep up with change~"

Of course, from my point of view.

American secret agent John Walker this role to join the "Thunderbolt" the chances are still great, after all, according to the potential setting of the Marvel Thunderbolt team today, in addition to setting the role of airborne soldiers, otherwise to choose in the existing Marvel characters, there are only a few suitable, and John Walker is bound to be one of them.


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