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"Death of Iron Man"

Kill Iron Man

By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Who would have thought that the "death of Iron Man" has been several years in the past, recently in "Iron Man director prevented the reunion 4 to kill Tony" on the topic again aroused the attention of many fans.

For many comic book fans, the year into the comic book pit is because of the "Iron Man" movie, before and after 11 years, Iron Man and Marvel's mutual achievement, and finally in the "reunion 4: the final battle", Iron Man completed the redemption of the world, only through the sacrifice of their way.

In this scene countless Marvel fans may not be able to fully accept the setting, I believe that more fans of Iron Man's ending should hope to be successful, in fact, in the movie universe, Iron Man if not involved in the "endgame battle", he has got his desired life.

The understanding little pepper, a cute daughter who will learn to swear like him ~

But perfection, for a character positioned as a hero, may not be able to push it up the final step to become a legendary ladder, in the opinion of the Russell brothers, death, a good death, is perhaps the most appropriate way to curtain up Iron Man.

And in the recent Russell Brothers revealed in the Vanity Fair column -

Jon Feijoo (Iron Man director) had called them after reading the script of "The Revenant 4", hoping they would not choose to kill off Iron Man in this setting!

Jon Feijoo.

"Do you want to arrange for Iron Man to die? ...... You can't do that, it would make the audience very sad, you wouldn't want someone to walk out of the cinema into traffic on the main road."

But apparently, at the time manipulating the "reunion 3-4" is the Russell Brothers, for Jon Feijoo's phone call, the Russell Brothers eventually decided to follow their original idea to shoot, "We ended up shooting!"

Anthony Russell believes that Jon Feijoo did not personally experience their creative process, that's why he reacted that way, which is very normal, especially since "Iron Man 1" is still directed by Jon himself, so if they were in Jon's position maybe they would have given the same feedback.

On the other hand, Joe Russell said that although Iron Man's ending is "sacrificial", its character arc is presented with a sense of redemption, full of emotion, uplifting, and full of hope.

As I said earlier, perhaps in the Russell brothers' view, Iron Man has a different meaning compared to other characters in the Marvel Universe, and because of this, the conventional ending is not suitable for Tony Stark at all.


In fact, for the end of Iron Man, the Russell brothers have not been regretful, in the previous Russell brothers promoted their new film "Grey Shadow Man" when asked such questions, said directly to the camera "He deserves to die. The film is a great success.

Even in the very early days, the Russell brothers wanted to "kill" the role of Iron Man!

In 2019, there were rumors on the network that Joe Russell had publicly stated on the show that he had thought about the end of Steel a long time ago, the following is a screenshot of the specific content found on the network at the time.

The general idea is.

Honestly, when I heard Tony Stark in The Avengers say he was a billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist, it was immediately decided that he would be the big sacrifice in The Endgame, I know he is loved by the crowd, but I am not, he needs to die.

However, that year, the Russo brothers responded specifically to this chart, which was widely circulated on the Internet, then said.

"To set the record straight, this quote is completely false and simply ridiculous, because, we want Tony in "Captain America 3: Civil War" on the direct sacrifice of ...."

Good lord, it's not as good as the fake rumor that preceded it!

Of course, from the entire 11 years of the three phases of the Marvel set, Iron Man and other characters of the curtain call setting is certainly a regret, but from another point of view, perhaps it is also the best ending set for them these characters.


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