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By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

In the previous Marvel had applied for trademarks for their subsequent upcoming works, which in addition to the earlier many people already know "Secret Wars", "Con Dynasty", "Multiverse Saga ", "New World Order", and "Thunderbolts" in addition to the news that Marvel has applied for another seven trademarks.

They are.

The Wanderer", "Shang Qi and the wreckage of time ", "Black Knight: Origins", "Eternal War", "Midnight's Children", "Avengers Academy", "God of Heaven: The End of Time".

Compared to the previous exposure of Marvel's application for some trademark works that have been announced at San Diego Comic-Con, these new trademarks are relatively "low-key", but not surprisingly these new applications for trademark works information will most likely be announced after the D23 in September.

And in this one -

The Rangers", is as early as 1 year ago there was news exposure that Marvel is ready to develop a work, at that time, Marvel meant to team America and others in the "Team America 3" to "United Federation 3" this period to shoot out, by the world view of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this period, the United States team is wanted, so, the United States team and others have been to "Rangers" title.

But by the current situation, if the "American team" can return, even in the past timeline, I believe there are many fans quite welcome, but likewise, Marvel may also adapt it, set to "Winter Soldier" Bucky's story.

And after the "still gas and time wreckage" nothing to say, the odds are that the sequel is set, by the previous plot may allow the protagonist and others to continue to dig deeper into the "ten rings" of the origin.

The same "Black Knight: Origins" is bound to take over the "Eternal Race" end egg setting, about the origin of Marvel's "Black Knight" character story, but it is worth mentioning that, because in the previous film, the origin of the Black Knight linked to the "Blade Runner".

So to a certain extent, Marvel may adapt the origin of the "Black Knight", so the original Black Knight ancestors set plot whether it will continue down, this is not sure, after all, in the original Dane Whitman will become the Black Knight, but also because his uncle Nathan Garrett, in the Marvel comics Nathan is a super villain, to redeem the family reputation, Nathan on his deathbed let Whitman To save the family reputation, Nathan let Whitman before his death to inherit the family mantle, which allowed Whitman to have the opportunity to become the Black Knight.

But by the style of comic book movies, it is estimated that it will not spend such a long time to render the protagonist's uncle, which may be set for the main male family generations to guard the blade of the ebony such route, to ensure that the main man became the Black Knight is the family heritage, but also to avoid the rendering of a large number of the front plot.

As for the "Eternal War" -

At present, it may be and "God of Heaven: The End of Time" is a series, maybe with the positioning of the Eternal Family to continue to expand the plot of the Marvel God of Heaven group, of course, the former "Eternal War" may essentially be the "Eternal Family 2".

Midnight's Children", this is not too surprising.

Because a long time ago, in the prediction push for some of Marvel's current online characters, at that time we have predicted that the odds of Marvel will be online 2 team type IP, one is already hammered "Thunderbolts", the other is this "Midnight's Son"!

In Marvel's setting.

"Midnight Sons" itself is a team of supernatural abilities, as long as it is used to fight the supernatural and magical threats that threaten the Earth, therefore, many members of this team are darker in style.

Typical members of the original are: there are the Evil Knight, Blade Runner, Strange, vampire Mobius, human-like, dark werewolf, Dr. Voodoo, Iron Fist, Punisher, Moon Knight, Hellstorm, etc.

And now Strange need not say more, vampire Mobius in the next Sony Pictures has also been online, Moon Knight has been in the official debut of the spin-off series, and Blade Runner is also on the way, the Night Hunter no surprise will be in this Halloween online first "Halloween special" episodes.

In this way, the core members have several characters that have been online, Marvel has the ability and space to develop this IP.

For the last "Avengers Academy", it is estimated that it will be a continuation of Marvel's "Reunion" series, which may be episodes and possibly movies, I think the odds will be similar to the superpower academy such plot direction, mainly to train the Reunion newcomers and set.


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