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Spider-Man: First Year Student

Parallel Universe

By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

In the previous San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced many works also contains several animated works, which makes many fans more interested in addition to the "X97", "Spider-Man: First Year" is also very popular.

However, compared to several other animated works that have disclosed some details of the work, "Spider-Man: First Year" only announced some episodes containing the character settings, but recently Marvel producer Brian the program directly revealed some news about "Spider-Man: First Year".

And this, the most important point is.

Spider-Man: First Years story is set in the Marvel multiverse's Team America 3 worldview!

Simply put, in the main cinematic universe Spider-Man's debut in "Team America 3", Peter Parker returned home to meet Aunt May is talking to Stark, but in the same scene in the subsequent "Spider-Man: Year One", the role of Stark is replaced by "Green Monster" Norman Osborn.

Marvel producer Brian said directly: this will let Spider-Man on an unexpected path!


"The story takes place after the same scene in "Captain America 3: Civil War", Peter takes the broken Blu-ray player from the trash, he walks into the apartment after the famous scene came - Tony Stark waiting for him in the house, offering him an internship and to take him to Berlin, but, because things happen in the multiverse and a whole new, random situation arises where it's not Tony Stark waiting for him, but Norman Osborn, and that leads his life trajectory in an unexpected direction, with many unexpected characters colliding with him in this Marvel universe."

Perhaps this is also the case, in the previously announced "Spider-Man: Year One" many characters, only to be able to see a lot of Spider-Man series of villainous characters, in addition to the Green Monster, but also Dr. Octopus, Rhino Man, Scorpion, Demon Killer, tarantula, etc. In addition, together the line will also have Strange, Nightcrawler, Amadeus Cho, and another controversial side of the role.

Of course, the face of the mentor from Stark into the villain Osborn, I wonder, if Spider-Man will not be misled at the beginning, thus gradually evolving into a villainous role?

It is worth mentioning that in this work, we have the opportunity to see Spider-Man in multiple sets of classic Spider-Man suit sets, it is not yet known whether there will be multiple Spider-Man characters or that Peter Parker will be in different stages, with different styles of Spider-Man suit.

But what is certain is that "Spider-Man: First Year Student" is not yet online in the stream, but the Marvel side has announced the renewal of the second season.

The episodes of the online time no surprise will be online in 2024, from us there is still time ~

In addition to this -

Marvel previously prepared to announce the "What if 2" series, although Marvel has not yet announced the official version of the official trailer, there have been many fans abroad cell phone shots on the "What if 2" teaser screen.

From these fan-shot images, it has been possible to determine the content of the second season of "What if": the story of Hela, Odin vs. Xu Wenwu, Captain Carter, and the Winter Soldier to recreate the story of "Team America 2", Iron Man, Valkyrie and Hulk in Sakaars.

At the same time, in the trailer also be able to see a lot of Marvel stage 3-4 characters online, earlier Marvel's Kevin Feige said: "Just as the first season utilized the films and storylines you currently see in the cinematic universe, the second season will certainly involve the fourth stage of the film."

And from the previews, "What if 2" has involved the new characters of the fourth stage, from Scarlet Witch, Widow Sister, Steve, and Stone Man to Shang Qi, Star-Lord, Red Guardian, Dragon, and other characters, it can be predicted that "What if 2" although currently in the plot does not know how many brain hole index, but at least in the role of fans can pull the expectations full.

Currently known "If 2" is scheduled for the time point: the beginning of 2023.


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