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No return to Marvel

Namor movie distribution rights

By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 5 min read

I believe that many comic book fans are well aware that Marvel has suffered several operational crises in the course of its development, and for this reason, it has also chosen to sell its hero IP rights to obtain operating funds to maintain the existence of "Marvel", and it is for this reason that we are now able to see the emergence of many comic book characters that do not belong to Marvel itself.

This, the early years of the Fox film universe have not yet returned when the "X-Men" and other mutant rights and "Fantastic Four" rights are an example.

When the 20th Century Fox film company is also relying on the "mutant" rights have launched their own X-Men universe, it can be said that in those years is to earn a lot of money, the only may be slightly inadequate is the "Fantastic Four" series.

Of course, now Fox was acquired by Disney, the big money behind Marvel, which also makes Marvel automatically retract all the X-Men and Fantastic Four film and television rights, which has the subsequent Marvel movie planning in the new "Fantastic Four" movie.

But at the same tit, there are many Marvel characters copyright or more strictly speaking, "film and television adaptation & distribution rights" has not been officially returned to Marvel, the reason why the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in addition to some of the restrictions, there are also some belong to the "cooperation "contract IP.

Currently, there is 2 more mainstream, one is Sony Pictures, and one is Universal Pictures.

Let's start with Sony Pictures.

At present, Sony Pictures and Marvel on the "Spider-Man" IP rights is a "cooperative development" agreement in maintaining, that is, Sony Pictures investment, Marvel to shoot, the final two babysit the contract proportion to the film box office share.

But aside from the co-development agreement, Sony Pictures has the rights to almost all the key characters of the "Spider-Man" series, nothing, who let Marvel sell Spider-Man to Sony Pictures when it chose to "package sale", so, according to the previous In terms of character rights distribution, Sony Pictures currently holds the following.

Already oare online thronlinersions of Spider-Man, Mary Jane, Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson (Horn Daily boss), the symbiote series (Venom, Massacre), the Evil Six series (including and not limited to Dr. Octopus, Green Monster, SMonstern, Vulture, Mystic, Dr. Lizard, Lightning Man, etc.), Rhino, Hunter Craven, Evil Ghost, Silver Sable, Black Cat, female Spider-Man series (including and not limited to Mrs. Spider, three generations Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, etc.), Dr. Darkness.

So, standing in the perspective of Sony Pictures, it is no wonder that wants to go to form their own Sony Marvel character movie universe, after all, these are supporting the role of the Spider-Man series.

And many fans who still hold the idea of returning Spider-Man to Marvel can only say, r don't think, the current cooperation and development agreement has been considered the optimal solution for Marvel and Sony Pictures, Sony Pictures as long as the head is not squeezed by the door, it will not let Spider-Man, the hen who will lay golden eggs from their side slipped away.

And then there is Universal Pictures.

If Sony Pictures' side is the "Spider-Man" series, then Universal Pictures' side is the "Hulk" series!

In the early years of the Marvel and Universal Studio's rights sale contract, has included several key roles in the Hulk series, from the Hulk, Hulkess to General Red Hulk Ross, as well as supporting villains such as "Big Head", "Abomination" and the female lead Betty Ross. Ross.

For these Hulk system role, early years Marvel has also sought to develop in cooperation with Universal Pictures, that is, the year 2008 was highly anticipated, but eventually flopped Edward Norton version of "The Incredible Hulk", of course, Universal Pictures itself that year also let Ang Lee director developed a "Hulk", but is still the end of the flop.

After that, Universal Pictures will Hulk series snow, until later Marvel hold Disney this big money, one after another opened the operation of the recovery of the copyright, but what about the carelessness of Marvel, the Hulk copyright recovery, only get back the IP rights (adaptation rights), and did not get back the very important "film and television distribution rights"!

Therefore, this is a direct result of the Hulk can only be in other IP works "rub" plot, can no longer have their single-player film series, because if Marvel developed the Hulk single-player series of films, then, Marvel is no film distribution rights, while the other side of Universal Pictures automatically has the right to distribute the film.

To put it bluntly, if Marvel shot Hulk, then it is their hard work after a table but can not eat at the table, and can only watch a penny out of Universal Pictures on the table to feast.

Therefore, as long as Marvel is not stupid, basically will not take the initiative to develop the Hulk series of single-player films, but only choose to let the Hulk around to rub the plot.

In addition to this -

There is a special role between Universal Pictures and Marvel copyright, that is, the role of Marvel's Sea King Namor, the current copyright of this role does not seem to be very clear (before news broke that Namor copyright back to Marvel), the outside world does not know whether Namor this role is "completely" belong to Marvel or And Hulk as no single IP movie distribution rights.

After all, nowadays, although Namor will be in the "Black Panther 2" on the line, like Hulk, there are no plans for a single-player project.

And in 2017, the female Hulk the role of the copyright still belongs to Universal Pictures, although the role of adaptation rights in Marvel should be recovered, the same for the film distribution rights are currently recovered or not, is also a mystery.


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