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Sony Pictures' "Mrs. Spider

By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

Earlier, I had chatted in the tweet about the rumors on the foreign network of fan speculation that the actor Adam Scott, who joined Sony Pictures' "Mrs. Spider" may play middle-aged Peter Parker in which, recently, there has been also extended news about this news on the network, a source revealed that the entire "Mrs. Spider" card table is out.

Web rumor version.

Dakota Johnson - "Mrs. Spider" Cassandra Webb.

Adam Scott - Ben Parker, the younger version of "Uncle Ben".

Emma Roberts - Mary Parker, Peter Parker's mother.

Sidney Sweeney - Julia "Spider-Woman" Carpenter.

Celeste O'Connor - "Spider-Woman" Maddie Franklin.

Isabella Monet - "Spider-Girl" Anya Corazon.

In this version, Adam Scott is not Peter Parker but Ben Parker in his middle age, and according to the configuration of the cast in this news, Emma Roberts will play Peter Parker's mother and has at least three versions of the "Spider-Woman" role configuration.

For this reason, we can speculate whether the whole "Mrs. Spider" is a Sony Marvel character movie universe "Spider parallel universe" positioning, because earlier on the "Mrs. Spider" some set photos exposed, we can find this point in time is about 2000-2008 (the early 21st century).

It also happens to be Tobey Maguire's version of Spider-Man period, so early on we speculated whether "Mrs. Spider" would be linked to Maguire's version of Spider-Man, but if we look at the rumored lineup of the cast today, then maybe the whole "Mrs. Spider" is a parallel universe version.

However, there is no other news about some specific content settings of "Mrs. Spider", so we can get less information is that, perhaps until the subsequent works are produced and started to promote, there may be more news to be exposed.

Of course!

Earlier a fan saw this "web rumor" after the cast, and later left a message asking about the three "Spider-Woman" settings, here I give you a brief description of these three characters in the original setting.

[1] "2nd generation Spider-Woman" Julia Carpenter.

It is clear that the Marvel Universe, especially Marvel's "Spider-Verse" has many parallel versions of Spider-Man, there are many versions of female Spider-Man, and there are roughly three versions of the title "Spider-Woman", which are Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter, and the "Spider-Man" version. Julia Carpenter, Maddie Franklin.

Among them, this time appeared in the rumored version of the configuration of the card Julia Carpenter is the second generation of "Spider-Woman".

In the positioning settings, Julia Carpenter this generic version of Spider-Woman may not be in the classic degree as the first generation of Jessica but may be the most impressive generation of fans, because, unlike the previous Spider-Woman styling settings, Julia Carpenter's Spider-Woman looks for the black spider battle suit with white spider stripes.

Quite some Venom version of the female Spider-Man sense of resemblance.

In the origin, Julia Carpenter is not a radiation spider bite with Spider-Man's ability, but because of a secret experiment led by the old U.S. government, in this secret experiment, Julia Carpenter was unknowingly injected with a serum made from a mixture of plant and venomous snake extracts.

This is what gave her the ability to Spider-Woman.

In the original plot, Julia Carpenter chose to retire to take care of her daughter, but after this had changed her name to Arachne and joined the "United Civil War", playing a trick in the heart of the camp in the Han way, openly help Iron Man, but secretly is the people of the United States team ... ...

[2] "3 generations of Spider-Woman" Maddie Franklin.

Compared to the previous 2 generations of Spider-Woman, the 3rd generation of Spider-Woman in the original plot spread less, Mattie Franklin's Spider-Woman ability to awaken from a party, in this party Mattie Franklin suddenly has the ability of Spider-Man.

And compared to other Spider-Woman ability settings, the 3rd generation of Mattie Franklin Spider-Woman is with the ability to fly, which is very rare in many other Spider-Man settings.

As for the first generation of Jessica Draper Spider-Woman, many fans who have seen the big event "Secret Invasion" should be clear, that this event in the Skrull Queen simulation is Jessica Draper Spider-Woman.

[3] "Spider-Man girl" Anya Corazon.

And the previous "Spider-Woman" title is slightly different, Anya Corazon's title is "Spider-Girl", in addition to the ability to have the standard Spider-Man settings, but also has the property of getting invisible in the shadows.

And in terms of origin.

Anja Corazon originally grew up as a gymnast, her father was a journalist, after Anja Corazon's mother died, Anja Corazon moved from Mexico to the United States with her father, and in the new school, Anja Corazon had a date with her classmate to help him out, and directly with each other at night in the park to win.

In this fight, Anya Corazon was stabbed because she was helping a mysterious man named Miguel who was about to be killed by the Wasp Sisters.

To save Anya Corazon, and because of Anya Corazon's qualities, Miguel, as a wizard of the Spider Association, gave some of his abilities to Anya Corazon, which made Anya Corazon become the later "Spider-Girl".


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