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10 Self Photography Tips to Help You Take the Perfect Selfie

by April Demarco 4 years ago in how to

Your Instagram game will never be the same. These are the most useful tips geared toward being able to take the perfect selfie.

Laugh all you want, we all take them. Selfies are one of the most common photos posted online on the daily. But there are definitely good selfies and bad ones. What are the secrets behind some of the most perfect looking self-portraits?

These are the most simple tips that will allow you to take the perfect selfie, without expensive cameras, loads of makeup, or intense lighting. All you'll need is a phone, a hand, and your smiling face. You'll never take a selfie the same way again.


If you're looking to post a quality photo, lighting is the number one element that will affect your picture taking the most. If you have great lighting, being able to take the perfect selfie will come with ease.

Natural light is the most preferred option, as it will give your skin the glow it needs, as well as streaming light on the entirety of your face. Some say that the perfect "selfie time" is when the sun just starts to set. This is when the sun is lowered enough to fill your face, but not too low that it shines directly into your eyes.

Having a light shine on your face indoors is also an alternative. However, make sure that the light is directly in front of you, and there is no excess light behind you, as it can alter the contrast of the photo. Or you can purchase a selfie light that can be easily placed on your phone for perfect lighting.

Take a lot.

As one of the most simple ways to take the perfect selfie, it definitely helps to give yourself a variety of options. When you have just finished doing your makeup, you're waiting for your friends to come pick you up, and you're feeling confident, this is the perfect time to load up your camera roll.

We all know that we can take a picture, love it in the moment, and then completely pick it apart when you finally sit down to consider posting it online. That's why giving yourself a variety of options will work the best, and ultimately lead to finding the perfect picture.

Plus, while you're doing this, it will improve your knowledge of the best ways to position your face, your arm, and simply gages your preferences.

Know your good side.

Piggybacking off of our last point, knowing your good side is a great way to take the perfect selfie with ease. Whether you know it or not, we all have a good side. Whether it's because you part your hair on one side or you have a favorite eyebrow, there is an angle that allows your better features to shine through.

That's why this trick can eliminate a lot of trashed photos by already knowing the right way to position your face, or the right way to stand facing the mirror.

Use editing apps.

Editing apps are your best friend when it comes to being able to take the perfect selfie. Don't worry too much about getting the most flawless photo while you're taking them. Remember that you can go back to them and tweak anything you don't like afterward.

There is always potential to make your photos much better after they're taken. Use these tools to your advantage. Even if it might be frowned upon, all of your friends go back and alter their photos just a little before posting them to Instagram. It's just what our generation does.


Angles are your best friend when it comes to posting a picture of yourself that you will be proud of. This is not just finding your good side, but angeling the camera as well.

No one looks good when they accidentally open their front-facing camera. And we want to stray away from that angle as much as possible, to eliminate the possibility of the dreaded double chin. However, this doesn't mean using a Myspace angle, directly above your head, but finding a happy medium.

And if you're really feeling adventurous, or want to include a bunch of friends into a selfie, a selfie stick will do the trick.

Body Language

Obviously, this isn't much of a factor when it comes to front-facing selfies, but being able to take the perfect selfie in a mirror certainly involves body language. Clearly, the way you position your body will play with angles, good sides, and highlights the outfit you're wearing.

As one of the best ways to show off what you're wearing, focus on that rather than the way you're standing, or else it'll look unnatural and forced. Try standing with one foot a little bit in front of the other, hold the phone with both hands, and allow your outfit to do the talking.

Look at the camera.

Yes, it might seem like an overly obvious tip to taking the best selfies, but looking at the camera is important to look natural. If you're looking in the mirror in front of you, or even worse, looking down or to the side, you're just reminding your followers that you were sitting in your room alone taking that photo.

There is an exception to this rule, and that is if you're taking a mirror selfie. Personally, I think it's creepy looking to look into the mirror. But to each his own.

Take them right after getting ready.

As referred to earlier, the best time to take the perfect selfie is directly after you're finished getting ready. Whether this be before a night out, or after your morning beauty routine, this is the time where you know your makeup looks good, you have time to adjust your lighting, and you can get at least ten selfies in before you hit the road. Leave the editing for later!

Clean your background.

People are nosy. Whatever you post online, your followers are going to look into. That's why it's important to tidy up whatever is the background of your photo before taking one. This is especially important if there is anything embarrassing back there.

Plus, this tip is geared mostly toward mirror selfies, which will be the most obvious to viewers if you haven't made your bed, or your desk is complete chaos.

Use the same filter.

One of the best tips to take the perfect selfie that you can do afterward is choosing one filter to use on all of your photos, and create a theme within your Instagram page. Not a necessity for picture taking, but something that can amp up your social media presence.

Take a look at the most popular Instagrams, and you'll begin to see a theme. If you're looking to grow your follower count, followers love an aesthetically pleasing appearance. And that's the final step toward creating the perfect photo. Happy selfie-ing!

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