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Social Media Circus

by Holly Martin 5 years ago in social media
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This is OUR circus and WE are the monkeys.

Life is funny, isn’t it? It’s an ecstatic, heartbreaking, worrisome, beautiful, chaotic adventure. This is our circus, and no matter what we like to tell ourselves, we ARE the monkeys.

Each and every one of us has a set of beliefs, morals, and values. We all do things a certain way. We live our lives in ways that line up with the way we view the world, the afterlife, our family, our responsibilities, our past and how we imagine and maybe even idealize our future. And, as hard as this pill is to swallow, and believe me, I know it is, none of us are "right." There is no "one way" to live. Grab some jam, crush that pill up, and force it down the hatch because that is the only real truth.

Not that I have to tell anyone this, unless of course you’ve been building a home under a giant rock at the top of a very tall mountain, but the world is in trouble.

While the technological advances are almost miraculous, our way of socializing and "being" is going backwards. We all have a million opinions about EV-RY-THING and a great big ol soap box to climb up onto whenever we see something that doesn’t directly line up with OUR truth.

I’ve been noticing, as the years go by, social media is becoming more and more intolerable. My blood pressure has got to be 350/285 by now. All the heart palpitations! I find that a lot of the time, my anxiety is high when I’m scrolling through my newsfeed or the comment section on any post. Everyone is so angry, so anxious, so dialed in to every single issue (and non issue) and we don’t know how to accept that maybe, just MAYBE, we don’t have all of the answers. So, we argue, our stress levels rise, and we log off feeling drained and helpless.

I get that everyone is on edge. Politics, religion, racism, equality, illness, beauty, money, violence, power...these are all things that are thrown into our already exhausted, overworked, under-appreciated faces every single time we scroll our news feeds. So, in order to release some of the tension and negative energy that we’ve accumulated, we LASH OUT. We look for someone to blame. We say things to complete strangers on a thread that we would never DARE say to someone we were speaking with face to face. We exert energy that we don’t have, that could be given to our families, our hopes and dreams, to the solutions to our problems, and we’re left depleted and more pessimistic and pissed off than we were before we jumped on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter to "socialize."

None of us have it all together. We’re all a bit afraid and unsure of what’s happening in the world. We’re all too consumed with each other's opinions and beliefs.

I’m writing this to expel the negative energy I have in a way that won’t pull me down the rabbit hole.

All I want to say is, next time you want to argue with Susan for voting for Trump, insult and belittle a Muslim/an atheist/a Christian, or judge someone in the LGBTQ community because what they’re doing with their lives doesn’t line up with YOUR truth, just take a breath and say something kind instead. Say something to build people up and watch how your own quality of life improves. We can’t control others and we shouldn’t want to. Let people be. Don’t hurt anyone. Use caution with your words. Love one another—not so that you can brag about it on social media, but because it’s the only way that anything is going to change. Be good. We need it so badly.

Let’s all try a little harder to be the change we so desperately need.

"Our kindness towards another propagates across a network of individuals, just as a hostile relation can span generations." — John Shea



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