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Spiritual pets strange talk: believe in psychic jade, it is better to cultivate a live psychic pet (1)

believe in psychic jade, it is better to cultivate a live psychic pet (1)

By 醉翁忆梦换酒钱Published 9 months ago 5 min read

A wise man once warned people not to trust the so-called psychic jade in the outside world, because I had a great-grandfather who once owned a psychic bone. Such a treasure requires an extremely great chance to obtain, which I will explain in detail afterwards. That bone is indeed magical, but it can only be used once, after which it can no longer function. So, basically, it is unlikely to get a similar treasure again! I will explain this in detail.

In order to get a piece of psychic jade, first of all, you need to have a high level of Daoism and profound merit, and know the psychic formation and heart spell. Secondly, must have the right magic weapon, and can not just buy a piece of five or six dollars of poor quality jade slag on the ground stall even if it is done. Must be a good texture of blood jade (transparent or white in nature, but after wearing for a period of time can absorb the owner's blood and sweat, the kind of blood formed in the jade, very rare), or sub-top bone (that is, those born at the time of the son died at the time of the son, and must be the top bone of the hospice, other bones will not work). Finally, the practitioner must be willing to give up his or her own dao and risk his or her life for your enchantment. Please do not assume that true channeling is easy, as it may result in the emanation of yin energy and even loss of life if the formation fails.

How many people can you find in today's society who meet the above conditions? It is very difficult to find a monk who strictly observes fasting, even for a person of high merit and possesses divine powers, let alone finding a psychic practitioner.

I know that if I say this, a large group of people will come up and accuse me for blocking their way to wealth. But I'll say it anyway! Because usually only those in distress and helpless people will deliberately seek such a treasure! It would be very immoral for you to deceive someone with an inferior piece of jade slag at this time! It will bring you sin.

Instead of going to some unknown source of psychic and be deceived, it is better to have a live spirit pet at home, the efficacy of which can be seen and touched! Please don't think that the spirit pets I am talking about are those that exist in myths and legends. In fact, they are just some very ordinary plants and animals! The key is whether you are willing to recognize them, raise them!

In the present day, we have the opportunity to choose to have a spirited pet in our home that will become a real and visible companion in our lives. These pets may be a smart and lively puppy that will bring you endless joy, or perhaps a delicate and loving kitten that will warm your heart, or a lush green plant that will bring fresh air and a peaceful atmosphere.

Please don't underestimate these ordinary living things that have the ability to share life with us. They do not require any psychic powers; their very existence is an inspiration and a source of enlightenment. They can establish a deep emotional bond with us and accompany us on our journey through life.

Moreover, having a pet does not require too many conditions and costs. You just need to give them enough love, food and comfortable living environment, and they will bring you endless joy and satisfaction.

Therefore, instead of going after those uncertain psychic jades, it is better to have a real and reliable spiritual pet at home. They will become a valuable asset in your life, giving you endless joy and satisfaction. No need to chase illusions, real happiness is all around you.

So let's cherish the little beings around us, establish a deep emotional connection with them, and experience the real joy and revelation they bring. This is what is worth pursuing, not those unreliable fantasies of psychic jade.

These spirit pets can not only accompany us through our lonely moments, but also become our mentors and friends. They convey wisdom and revelation in their own unique way, teaching us care, patience and loyalty.

A puppy can teach us unconditional love, and they always follow us around faithfully, whether we are happy or sad. Their happiness and cheerfulness can also infect us, making us forget our worries and rediscover the joy of life.

A kitten, on the other hand, brings us a quiet and serene atmosphere. Their gentleness and comfort will make us feel relaxed and calm, soothing stress and anxiety. By spending time with them, we can find inner balance and regain spiritual peace.

And those plants with lush green leaves teach us the resilience of life and the power of growth. They thrive under the sun's rays and always persevere no matter how many difficulties and setbacks they encounter. Their existence reminds us that no matter how much hardship we encounter in life, we can persevere and continue to grow.

The process of raising these spiritual pets is also a deep practice. We learn to care and give, to be considerate and to listen. By interacting with them, we can develop the qualities of gentleness, kindness and thoughtfulness and become better people.

So let's stop chasing the illusory enlightened jade and return to real life. In our homes, we have a spiritual pet with whom we can develop a deep emotional connection and derive real joy and revelation from. These pets are not only our companions, but also valuable guides on our life's journey, helping us to discover the wonders and beauty in life.

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The Drunkard

A wise man who revels in the memories of the past.

He pursues the hidden stories through the glass of wine.

A unique perspective will be taken to re-present the legends forgotten by history, touching the heartstrings of dreams.

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