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1-week snake hunting journey in Laos

Journey to find snakes

By Cavani VnjpPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Today, I am heading to the mountain top in search of a rare viper species. This elusive creature has never crossed my path in the wild before. It is uncertain if any documented encounters exist. Among the fascinating discoveries is a peculiar mushroom variety that remains uncurled, resembling a needle sprayer as it descends from trees. Witnessing its endearing curling behavior is quite captivating. While my fear of heights hinders my movements, my children fearlessly explore the heights. A recent find of a snake and a carrot near a tree sparked intrigue. Engaging in training sessions brings forth a sense of joy and transformation, surrounded by a diverse array of well-protected wildlife. Each visit to Vietnam fuels the desire to learn and explore further. This expedition stands out as a remarkable journey. As I prepare to release the snakes captured for photography, a vehicle awaits to transport us to the 1000m summit, with the rest of the journey to be made on foot. The scheduled pick-up at 11 o'clock for the descent further adds to the adventure. The day's mission involves locating a green snake at Luc Nui, showcasing the region's unique wildlife. An enthusiastic call for assistance in capturing a green whip snake resonates. The audience is mesmerized by the sight of this non-venomous snake species. The biodiversity includes the German Brazilla with distinctive red eyes, contributing to an annual documentation project of around 600 animal species. The vivid descriptions of snake species and their transformations captivate the audience. Amidst the picturesque surroundings, handling and photographing the alluring green snake is a priority. Ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of the captured animals is crucial to maintain the authenticity of their natural state. The journey continues through the forest, capturing the essence of the surroundings and encountering various challenges like unstable wooden bridges. The subsequent exploration near a waterfall promises intriguing sights, despite the apprehension of the heights. The awe-inspiring nature of the landscape beckons further exploration, documenting the flora and fauna with reverence. Each discovery adds to the allure of the expedition, making it a memorable experience.

This is your first experience in the forest at night. Hence, I'm here to discuss it. There are various aspects to consider this morning, as heavy rain is causing the stream water to rise, providing a magnificent view. Despite the rainy weather, the peaceful and natural ambiance remains uplifting. The wild banana trees surrounding the house are a personal favorite. The unique construction of homes in the forest, using materials like leaves in cement to create walls, adds to the charm. Accommodations in Vietnam are compact yet equipped with all necessary amenities, from hot water to air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable stay. The strong Wi-Fi connection is a bonus, although the remote location, about 17-18 km from the city, requires a hilly walk. Despite the challenging terrain, the resort offers abundant amenities, leaving a lasting impression. The abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, known for their nutritional value, is a highlight. The fertile soil supports a variety of produce, with dishes predominantly featuring fresh vegetables and fruits. The cuisine, reminiscent of Northern Vietnam with its savory flavors, lacks the sweetness typical of Southern Vietnamese food. Despite missing the familiar sweet taste, the culinary experience is enjoyable. Plans to explore Laos on the next working day are in place. The convenience of having a coffee maker in the room is appreciated for quick energy boosts during work hours. The natural setting of Vietnam provides a sense of living in harmony with the forest, a feeling accentuated by flying a Flycam over the area for a bird's eye view. The lush landscape, interspersed with streams and trees, evokes a sense of being lost in nature's beauty. Observing high-ranking officials enjoying a meal together at the restaurant adds a touch of local flavor to the experience. The scenic surroundings, characterized by rainy weather and mountain views, create a picturesque setting for breakfast. Exploring the area for snakes and capturing them for documentation adds a sense of adventure to the stay. The evening plans include capturing images of snakes and enjoying a leisurely dinner. The restaurant's rustic ambiance, illuminated by dim lighting, sets the tone for a tranquil evening. The presence of green vipers and other wildlife in the vicinity adds a touch of excitement to the serene surroundings. The lush greenery and bird songs create a soothing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding. Returning to the room for a shower before dinner, followed by an evening of recording and exploring the surroundings, rounds off the day's activities. The anticipation of ripe guava and passion fruit, along with the mystery of hidden fish in the stream, adds an element of intrigue to the stay.


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