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My First Kitten Love

My First Post, I Apologize in Advance

By Taylor MullinsPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Cat (on the left) and Mary Jane (on the right) sleep on my lap when I work.

A few months ago I moved in with my boyfriend, Nate, his family and his roommate who had just recently moved in as well as a impulse decision in spite of my dad's wishes. Shortly after moving, I slowly started to realize why he didn't want me to move in with my boyfriend so soon. We had only been together for four short months prior to me moving in. After living with each other for just a month we started getting on each other's nerves. With us going to the same school for the same career and neither of us having a job, we were together 24/7 and you could tell we were on each other's last nerve. We would always argue over dumb stuff, like who was suppose to do our laundry or who was going to make dinner. then, after two months of job searching for us both, he finally got a call back. The next week he started working at the Dollar General down the road from our house, walking distance, which was perfect because we didn't have a car... still don't.

His new job gave him a new attitude and pride. Our arguing subsided for a while. Then I went through the stress of my senior prom, finding a job, a car, our own place and graduation, and the arguing returned, worst than ever. A few days after I graduated his mom's cat had her first litter of kittens and Nate and I fell in love with this precious orange kitten. We took care of him ourselves, bought his food, gave him flea baths and made sure the other kittens didn't bully him. We hardly ever let him in our room however. Nate, being a fan of the game Fortnite, named our kitten Fortnite. The kitten never seemed to really take a liking to either of us though, so we decided to give him to my little brother and his girlfriend. We started looking for a puppy, preferably an Australian Shepard. Without any luck of finding a cheap puppy, we began to give up. I finally got a job where I can work from home, so we got hopeful about finding a puppy to complete our little family again.

Apparently God had other plans for us...

One afternoon Nate and I went for a drive to talk out one of our fights. For some reason driving seemed to calm us both down. About half way through us working everything out, Nate realized he had went down the wrong road and needed to turn around. As Nate started to pull into a little spot on the side of the road to turn around, we seen something run off the path and into the tall grass. We both jumped out of the car to see what it was and Nate noted that he thought it was a cat. So he started saying "kitty, kitty, kitty", then two kittens ran from the grass towards us. We hurried up and put them in the car and took them home.

The drive home was very interesting though. We almost wrecked because of how crazy these kittens were going. They kept trying to climb out Nate's window and were climbing all over my shoulders. As soon as we got home, we put them in our room and they jumped right up on our bed and took a nap. When they woke up, they would not leave our sides. Even after we put food down for them and a litter box. Not even when our roommate came in.

It's now been exactly three weeks since we picked up those two kittens. We've named them Cat and Mary Jane, or MJ for short. We haven't had an argument or disagreement since they've been here. We always cuddle them together for almost an hour before we all go to bed. They go on walks and car rides with us. They have their own part of our bed, their own collars with specialized tags and so many toys that cover our bedroom floor. They on our routine now too. They wait outside of the shower until Nate gets out and gets ready for work. They lay on my back or chest and sleep after he leaves for work until I get up for my job, which is still working from home, so then they just lay on my feet or on my lap. They never want to leave the room unless we do. They follow us to the kitchen when we make dinner and always get the last bite. I'm always having to push them off my laptop keyboard and readjust them mid-sleep. Even as I'm typing this out now, Cat is laying beside my laptop with her head resting on the edge of it while MJ is laying in my lap pawing at my hands for attention.

As Nate and I continue our search for a vehicle and an apartment, we always keep these two in our thoughts. Where ever we go, we will take these kittens. Even if it means putting a $300 pet deposit with our first place. Help us save up for that deposit, please.

They saved us by letting us save them.


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