Most Loving Cat Breeds

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Let's just face it, not all cats are that nice. Some are mean little bastards. But, the most loving cat breeds definitely won't disappoint when it comes to affection.

Most Loving Cat Breeds

Dogs are man's best friend, and just have a major reputation for being super affectionate. Cats? Well, not so much. Though it's not always warranted or fair, cats have a reputation for being mean or just aloof to humans.

The truth is that there are many affectionate cats out there looking for a home. If you're not quite sure if you're ready for a cat, then why not check out the most loving cat breeds out there? You're sure to find at least one that works for you.


Without a doubt, Siamese cats are among the most loving cat breeds out there. They love people, and are regularly ranked among the friendliest cat breeds in existence. Along with loving new friends, they also have a really strong attachment to their owners.

How strong? Well, these pretty blue-eyed felines end up demanding a lot of attention from owners. They are very vocal cats that have no problem chatting you up if they feel ignored. They also tend to be super playful, often to the point of goofiness. Siamese are also some of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds out there, too.


Most cats do not like to be held. At all. But, the Ragdoll is not most cats. It's one of the most affectionate cat breeds in existence, and also is known for being one of the best cat breeds for kids. This is a cat that is seriously mellow in temperament, and they're nearly unshakeable.

That being said, Ragdolls are total lapcats. They even get their name from the fact that they tend to go limp when they're picked up due to the sheer joy they feel in their owners' arms.


The Ragamuffin, as the name suggests, is a cat known for its slightly "ragged-looking," shaggy long hair. Though they might look a bit intimidating in their adult forms, Ragamuffins are known for being incredibly friendly and great cats for kids.

These cats are so loving that they will follow you around the house, meow happily when they see you come home, and basically at your side always. That's why they are one of the most loving cat breeds out there — and why they're hits with families.


These smush-faced cats might have the "evil overlord" look to them, but make no mistake about it, Dr. Evil and other evil overlords who choose Persian cats have the right idea. Persians are considered to be the top of the most loving cat breeds in the world.

Literally, these long-haired fluffballs are known for being the ultimate lap cat. They will not get enough of snuggling with you, and they adore attention. And, they do it all in a calm, elegant demeanor. What's not to love?

Devon Rex

These strange looking kitties are known for having wiry, curly hair and equally wiry builds. But, despite their unusual appearance, they are just like many other cats you'll find — aside from also being one of the most loving cat breeds in existence.

These hypoallergenic cats are great companions and are majorly into attention. Devon Rexes are great cats for people who want a low-maintenance cat that will stick to you like glue.


Most people who want cats want a nice little fluffball, but for the right person, Sphynx cats can show you that bald is beautiful. This is a hypoallergenic cat breed that's ideal for families that have an open mind and open hearts.

If you do get a Sphynx, you will quickly find they have massive personalities and are one of the most loving cat breeds in existence. You will have a friend for life — and a very goofy one at that. They're one of the top cat breeds for snuggling, too.


The Tonkinese, much like its cousin, the Siamese, are known for having serious cravings for human attention. Also like Siamese cats, this is a very vocal cat breed that will literally start crying if they feel like you're ignoring them.

If you are looking for an extremely snuggly cat that always has a playful streak and lots of empathy, then you need to check out a Tonkinese. They're amazing, and have wonderfully short hair that feels silky soft to the touch.

Kurilian Bobtail

If you're looking for a feline friend with a distinctive look, but want them to be high among the list of the most loving cat breeds in the world, then you might want a Kurilian Bobtail.

These portly, stubby-tailed sweethearts are extremely loyal, intelligent, and playful. They also tend to chirp when happy, and will play-pounce on owners when they get into a more energetic mood.

Scottish Fold

If you're looking at one of the friendliest cat breeds to ever take over the internet, look no further than the Scottish Fold. Scottish Folds are known for their adorably "folded" ear trait, and for the fact that they always have very concerned, curious, or baby-like expressions on their faces.

They are hyper-friendly, exceptionally well-behaved, and also tend to be pretty darn playful, too. As a result, they aren't just one of the cutest cat breeds. They're also one of the most snuggle-prone breeds out there. Affection, thy name is Scottish Fold.


Bombay cats are attention hogs, plain and simple. They thrive on attention, praise, petting, and activity. Though they may look mellow and stately, you shouldn't be too surprised to find out that they have a pretty playful, almost clownish side to them.

These are cats that legitimately act like everyone around them is their best friend. That's why they're one of the most loving cat breeds in the world, and why they make absolutely wonderful companions to people of all walks of life.

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